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Final Fantasy XIV Directors  Announce Future Plans, including Patch 5.58

Producer & director of FINAL FANTASY XIV, Naoki Yoshida provide information on the update circulating around the number of simultaneous logins. They’ve decided to address the situation. “The number of simultaneous logins has continued to hit the upper limit, especially in the case of the North American and European Data Centers and Worlds, and as such I’d like to provide an update regarding the current situation and the need to designate certain Worlds as Congested.”

  • For this, they have “Increased Login Caps for European Data Centers”

“The login cap will be increased once we have confirmed stability post-maintenance.” Patch 5.58, which is scheduled for the 24th of August. They also plan more for late September in replacing their equipment with better machines to increase the cap even more. Specifically in Europe and America.

This is only to enhance the gameplay experience for their players who are experiencing an issue, the login queues have proven long, which affect their fellow audience, in order to fix this, that’s what he’s decided on. Despite this, they still warn of a login queue occurring and ask that their fans remain patient.

  •  They also planned on “Classifying All Aether Data Center Worlds as Congested.”

Despite them expanding the maximum capacity previously and the logins became full, they are taking new steps to address the situation. This also means that players won’t be able to make new characters on the worlds that are offered until that system is lifted. Yoshida apologised for the inconvenience.

  • Yoshida also mentioned in his announcement the “Addition of New Worlds and Other Large-scale Solutions for Each Data Center, To address the congestion situation, our Infrastructure and Development teams are working closely to plan large-scale solutions such as expanding our data centers or adding new Worlds.”  This is certainly exciting for their players who are looking for more content, it is rewarding to know that in response to the situation, they aren’t trying to put their players at too much of a disadvantage and gives them something to look forward to.

They’ve also mentioned that even though they are trying to get the equipment they need, it is still a struggle, despite the fact it takes up time, they are all working tirelessly to achieve this and thank their fans for the support and understanding.


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