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Anime gacha Breath of the Wild type game Genshin Impact has been taking the world by storm recently – whether you love or hate gacha. There’s a lot going for it already, having had a hefty beta period, but after playing it up to AR35 it, in my eyes, needs more work. Currently a lot of players agree there’s just not enough fat to keep the hardcore players playing more than 30 minutes a day.

Here are some good ideas to tweak the game to a more consistently fun level.


  • Resin rework

This is the prime one everyone is going on about. In the game, collecting certain treasures requires an amount of ‘Original Resin’. It’s like an energy system in any given mobile game. Currently, Resin only regenerates at a rate of ONE per EIGHT minutes. That’s extremely slow considering it doesn’t reset daily (meaning this slow regen rate can spool over into your next dailies) and that you can only store 120 (will soon be improved to 160). This is the most gating experience of Genshin right now – the fact that you’re prevented every day from getting more treasures unless you spend Primogems which you want to keep for rolls.

Have the Resin regen at a faster rate or rework reward values. Currently a lot of smaller rewards cost too much and some bosses cost too much too. To prevent grinding, the game could impose a ramp up system where each day doing the same challenges costs more and more. For example, doing 3 Trials could cost 5 Resin the first go, 10 the next, and so on. Which means doing one or two of each trial a day is optimal, but overfarming is not. However, this might add a new problem where on certain days where you really need a lot of one type of treasure, you feel gated by the ever-increasing cost, or that you feel you have to do every single 5 resin trial every single day.

Still, anything is better than the current system.

  • Better co-op systems

Currently, there’s really no need to do trials or elites together because they’re all very soloable. Navigating and spending time along with losing two of your characters when one person joins for co-op is not worth the effort and time it takes versus doing it solo. Not to mention resin imbalances, and composing a team together. Not only this, adventuring, exploring and questing together is non-existent because of the restrictions that are imposed on a world when co-op begins. You are not allowed to use most (if any) shops as a tag-along, and you cannot open any chests, the host has to. A good improvement would be to have a ‘tethering’ system that the host can enable where as long as your co-op partner is in range, you can open a chest for them and get a smaller reward for yourself.

  • More ways to earn rolls, better systems for improving gear

Currently the ramp-up for resource expenditure when you reach AR35+ is too great, that most people opt out of doing their world Ascension quest until they have a lot of things maxed. Rising up in strength provides the capabilities for more rampant rewards, however this also increases the fodder pool. For example, trials in domains still have a chance to drop the lowest tier rewards because if they didn’t, then you wouldn’t be able to ascend low level characters or weapons.

A good imposed change is to greatly increase the amount of ‘fodder’ items you get as your level increases, and to further increase the Character XP and Mora gained from enemies for ascending your world. Currently the amount of resources needed at a tier of Ascension goes up but the drop rate lowers. If you need 10 epic drops from lets say, an Abyss Mage, you’ll have to hope you get a bunch from killing them before you ascend or you’ll have to suffer being abused by higher level ones with a higher drop rate.

All this being said, the game is too fresh for anything substantial enough to be done. A promised 1.1 update with controller rebindings, improved resin capacity and other fixes is on the way, but Genshin is still new – as other gacha games started out themselves, it seems only after a good amount of time do they tend to hand out an appropriate amount of content and rewards.

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