Here are the Pokémon GO Events Happening in November 2021!

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This November, Pokémon Go is going to be holding a whole bunch of events. This will include things like legendary raids, mega raids, and spotlight events, as well as some events that are awaiting more details to be announced. Here’s an idea of what’s happening next month in Pokémon Go.

Returning Legendary Raids

Darkrai is currently available through the legendary raids until November 5th, where it will be replaced by Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion – who will return until November 16th. There is a chance that they will appear as shiny, and they will know the move Sacred Sword. Taking their place after the 16th will be Cresselia.

Mega Raid Updates

As well as the legendary raids, the mega raids will also be updated from November 5th. Mega Manectric will appear from November 5th to replace Mega Absol, who is currently available. Mega Manectric will be available to catch until November 16th, when it will be replaced by Mega Lopunny until December 1st.

Pokemon Go’s November Community Day 2021

On the 21st, it will be Pokémon Go’s November Community Day. Shinx is this month’s featured Pokémon, and it will appear more frequently in the game from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in your time zone. Furthermore, any Luxio that you evolve into Luxray during the event will learn the new psychic-type Charged Attack Psychic Fangs, and Pokémon eggs will hatch at a quarter of the distance.

Weekly Spotlight Events Schedule

There is a weekly spotlight event on a Tuesday evening, between 6-7pm, local time, that provides special incentives and bonuses such as candies or exp to encourage you to try and catch the unique Pokémon of the hour. This unique Pokémon will have a considerably increased chance to appear, making it an ideal time to try and evolve it.

Here are the Pokémon and bonuses that will be available during the upcoming Spotlight Hour Events:

Nov. 2

Spotlight Pokémon: Cacnea

Pokemon GO Cacnea Max CP | Evolution | Moves | Weakness | Spawns

Spotlight bonus: 2x catch candy

Nov. 9

Spotlight Pokémon: Chinchou

Pokemon GO Chinchou Max CP | Evolution | Moves | Spawn Locations

Spotlight bonus: 2x transfer candy

Nov. 16

Spotlight Pokémon: Turtwig

Turtwig (Pokémon GO) | Stats, Moves, Counters, PvP, CP, IV, HP Charts

Spotlight bonus: 2x catch Stardust

Nov. 23

Spotlight Pokémon: Chimchar

Chimchar (Pokémon GO) | Stats, Moves, Counters, PvP, CP, IV, HP Charts

Spotlight bonus: 2x catch XP

Nov. 30

Spotlight Pokemon: Piplup

Pokemon GO Piplup Max CP | Evolution | Moves | Weakness | Spawns

Spotlight bonus: 2x catch candy

Pokémon Go Field Research Updates

On November 1st, Pokémon Go’s field research events will reset too, as well as the tasks. This will come alongside a new research encounter – Vullaby. You will be presented with a chance to catch the Dark/Flying type Pokémon each time you complete a research task.

You must first gather seven stamps to accomplish a Research Breakthrough in the game. You’ll get one stamp for each Field Research activity you complete each day, so a Research Breakthrough will require you to perform activities for at least seven days.

Other Pokémon Go Events Awaiting More Info!

There will also be a special event running to celebrate the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the Nintendo Switch, which is set to launch on November 19th. More details about this are meant to drop later on.

Finally, another event that is yet to have its full details revealed is the Dia de Muertos event. We currently know the event will run through November 1st to November 2nd, but that is all that has been revealed so far.

So there you have it. A handy round up of everything occurring in Pokémon Go this month. Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for the remakes – Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, releasing November 19th!

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