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Four years in, Joy-Con drift is still biting us in the *explicit*…

It was recently revealed that the new Switch OLED model is just around the corner, becoming available on 8th October. Yes, it is not the graphically enhanced 4k model we expected, but it is a new version nonetheless.

An issue all Switch users have met at one point or another is the inevitable Joy-Con stick drift. After mild usage, we all face the daunting realisation of our Joy-Cons beginning to drift. This is an issue all of us would have hoped to be rid of following the new model’s release.

We already know that Nintendo has previously announced that the OLED’s Joy-Cons “are the same as the controllers currently available.” While this could be interpreted as being exactly the same, it could also mean that the new controllers are simply compatible with all of the same things, working in the same way as the originals but with potentially improved parts doing the job. However, this is likely wishful thinking.

The Verge put the question of Joy-Con drift to Nintendo; the company classically dodged the question, probably telling us everything we need to know.

“Joy-Con controller configuration and functionality did not change with Nintendo Switch (OLED model).”

The Verge says, “…We didn’t ask about the ‘configuration’ or ‘functionality,’ as it was pretty clear from Nintendo’s announcement that the controllers would be the same. We asked about drift, which is a reliability issue. And when we asked the question again in an even clearer fashion, we were referred to the same statement.”

It seems the OLED’s reveal really is driving home that anti-climactic feeling after we expected so much more. For any Switch users hoping to be done with stick drift for good, I’m afraid you will have to keep on waiting. I’m sure Nintendo are not desperate to fix the stick drift issue too much as it pushes players to buy extra accessories in the form of the Pro Controller. I hate to admit it, but the Pro Controller is probably the best long-term move for any owner of either Switch model (old or new), despite the Joy-Cons being great in general (other than the drift).

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