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Conradical Games Released The Demo for ‘The Outbound Ghost’ along with a Kickstarter Campaign


Conradical Games have released their Demo for ‘The Outbound Ghost’ on Steam, after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, they have made it to this point, and have started a Kickstarter Campaign. With their goal of £7082, they have already managed to gain almost £1000 in less than an hour. Impressive! I have high hopes that they will reach their goal by the end of next week or perhaps even this week if things go swimmingly, I’m even expecting they will exceed their goal. Let’s hope for the best.


Want to know what the game’s like?


Here are a couple Development logs Conradical games has posted up on Youtube to keep their audience engaged with the enticing process. In these devlog videos, they talk about topics such as Characters, storyline, mechanics, changes, and of course the actual gameplay.


Kickstarter Perks

Now, there is the option to back it because you believe in it, without the gift of perks, which I highly recommend as well (I will be doing both), but I am listing some of these perks to hopefully get you more interested in the game (plus, who doesn’t like extra stuff right?).


👻Spectral Supporter [Steam Copy]👻

For £11 you can get:

a digital Steam key for “The Outbound Ghost”

An exclusive Discord role, and your name in the credits!

Which includes:

– 👻 “Spectral Supporter” Discord role.
– 📜 Your name in the credits.

PLUS you get:

– 🕹️ A Digital Steam copy of “The Outbound Ghost”.


🎃Poltergeist Patron [Nintendo Switch]🎃

For £15 you get wallpapers (only backers of this tier and above will obtain it!)

Which also includes:

– 🎃 “Poltergeist Patron” Discord role.
– 📜 Your name in the credits.


– 🕹️ Digital Nintendo Switch copy of “The Outbound Ghost”.


💀Boo Benefactor [4k Wallpapers]💀

For £18 you get wallpapers (only backers of this tier and above will obtain them!)

Which also includes:

– 🕹️ A Digital copy of “The Outbound Ghost” (Nintendo Switch or Steam).
– 💀 “Boo Benefactor” Discord role.
– 📜 Your name in the credits.


– 🖼️ Backer-exclusive wallpapers.


If you are into game development there is also this perk.


📓Mirage Memento [Development Journal]📓

For £36 you get exclusive access to a journal detailing the whole game’s development.

Which includes:

– 🕹️ Two digital copies of “The Outbound Ghost” (Nintendo Switch or Steam).
– 📓 “Mirage Memento” Discord role.
– 📜 Your name in the credits.
– 🖼️ Backer-exclusive wallpapers.
– 🔑 Access to early betas.


– 📓 A digital book with concept art and behind-the-scenes of developing the game.


Pretty neat huh?


Here’s their Kickstarter Launch Trailer



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