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Lost Judgement

The action-adventure video game Lost Judgement was developed by  Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega. Lost Judgement is a sequel to the 2018 game Judgement which was a spinoff to the Yakuza games. The game focuses on a private detective called Takayuki Yagami as he investigates a criminal who has been accused of sexual harassment and murder. Therefore, fans and players can expect to retain the action sequences from the original game however, Lost Judgement is further developed with more advanced stealth elements.

Yakuza Series

The plot is quite noticeably implausible, which appears to be the case with many Japanese crime games. It can also be noted that players have noticed that the writers are forcing the gang warfare onto us, potentially in an overly emphasised attempt at a tribute to the Yakuza series.

Following this, in Lost Judgement, there are new locations created purely for Lost Judgment but even so, it’s hard not to notice just how many reused items there are that can be recognised as replicas from the other games. As these games have a limited audience the graphics are very good, however, the going into local bars and shops to complete mini-games and side quests is something that’s beginning to feel very overfamiliar for most players of the game.

The Yakuza series is popular amongst players for its ability to be able to transition between abnormal humour, deep tragedy and brutal violence, making it all seem natural. It can be recognised that in many ways, Lost Judgement portrays a much more ambitious story to its players. Although, it is evident that it doesn’t quite deliver on the main themes.

Improvements In The sequel

Within the game, the detective elements appear to be much more improved in Lost Judgement. Despite still having to follow enemies through the streets and go through some pointless stealth sections, it appears that most players do not look at these tasks as points of frustration, they seem them as palate cleansers. Unlike most recent Yakuza games, the original Judgement only took place in one location (Kamurocho) which made the majority of players feel as if the game was a bit cramped. As a result of these comments, the sequel gives you more places and things to explore. Sega’s Yakuza team uses the same locations, however in each new game, they add a lot more extra detail in each of these locations.

The game Judgement focuses around a high school that is involved in a case of severe bullying which pushed a girl to suicide. However, Lost Judgement takes a juxtaposing approach to the problem. For example Yagami resorting to extreme measures such as installing remote speakers into classrooms to stand up for children getting bullied if their classmates don’t. This is a good attempt from Sega to highlight a dark topic such as this, although it doesn’t appear to be such a good match for the general tone of Lost Judgement.

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