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As this is the first time posting on this blog, I think it would make most sense to start with a brief introduction. My name is Ron Zlatkin, I am 24 years old, and am currently working at Go2Games as a content producer and editor. There are a few videos that I have (partially) edited on our YouTube page, including the EPOS H3 Unboxing video, and the Go2Verses Love Cronx.

This morning at the Go2Games store, I arrived just before 10am to start my day. Toby joined not much later, and after a quick morning meeting and going through the goings of the day, we started working on the first video of the day. This was the unboxing video for the Atari Flashback 7, which Toby presented and I will be editing. Unfortunately we have not taken a moment to review the actual console, as we didn’t have the correct adapters for TVs. So we will have to shoot additional footage further down the line.

After this, we shot a quick section for a meme that we’ll be editing soon. There’s been a video going around where people keep hitting bottles off screen, to each other. We’re going to play a joke on that. Can’t say exactly what that is going to be, but should be quite funny.

After this we decided to go on lunch break. When we came back from Greggs (sometimes it’s a good idea, okay?), our colleague Sam had arrived.

Not long after this, we finished up on our break, and went on to do the next part of the day – Game of the Week. A simple concept really, we talk about a game that has been trending during the week. Usually we film this on a Friday, but we opted to do it today. That way, it will go up on a Friday instead, making more sense to determine the game of the week. Previous episodes can be found here and here. This week we talked about the new Ratchet And Clank.

And finally, the best part of any Wednesday – we filmed the new episode of Gaming Shart! The first episode is not up as of writing this, but it is my favourite show that we do. Shortly said, I host a show in the character of Bob Ron, and draw a video game character that I either know or don’t know, to the best of my ability. This week, we had a head-to-head matchup, as I competed against Toby in drawing the best looking Kratos from God of War. We did this separately, so we wouldn’t know what the other persons art looks like. At the end the art was revealed to us, and an impartial judge decided who won.

All in all another successful day on set, and tomorrow it’s going to be editing the unboxing video from home.

For all the games mentioned as well, go and visit

This has been Ron, see you next



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