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It looks as though the H.R. Giger inspired horror title Scorn is still on track for a 2022 release as the developer teases more footage and details.

The gaming world is currently in the midst of a golden age of horror. With rumors that the Resident Evil 4 remake may be revealed soon and with a possible 2023 release, as well as the ongoing success of Capcom’s flagship series overall, now is a pretty splendid time to be a fan of scary games. There’s also the indie scene to look towards as well, with the likes of MADiSON and Mortuary Assistant being ones to check out, not to mention Ebb Software’s Scorn, which is coming this year.

Speaking of the latter, the studio recently unveiled some new gameplay videos for Scorn, this time with a focus on the weapons. In fact, an update post on Kickstarter specifically talks about the weapon system in general and what players can expect in terms of being able to defend themselves. While it appears as though the game will feature defensive tools of some kind, the developer states that it won’t be a typical shooter. The videos and images on the page show the design of some of these weapons, all sticking with that H.R. Giger-esque look.

Like all good horror games that feature weapons, there still needs to be that element of fear. With a shotgun or rifle and loads of ammunition, the player can too easily feel overpowered, and that can take the edge off any intended sense of terror. The Kickstarter post, with words from Ebb Software’s Creative Director Ljubomir Peklar, says that limited ammo will create a “careful balance” between maintaining the horror without making the game “one-dimensional” by having no ammo at all.

There was also a quick note on development. It looks as though Scorn is still on track for release this year and will likely come out this October. It was originally supposed to launch last year, but was pushed back. Since then, fans have been asking for details about when the game is likely to come out and, in fact, some controversy was drummed up not long ago when the studio lashed out at some who were impatient after waiting so many years for the game to release.

There’s also a possibility that Scorn could be featured at this year’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, which is happening on June 12. In any case, it seems as though Ebb Software is well on its way to launching the game. After being in development since 2015, many horror fans will be relieved that the wait is finally over and hopefully the delay will be worth it.

Scorn is scheduled to release in October 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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