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Bittersweet ending For The Sky: Cotl – Season of Flight

Season of Flight is the second season in Sky: Children of The Light since ‘That Game Company’ (A.K.A. TGC) introduced Sky: Children of The Light to Nintendo Switch, the 29th of June, the award-winning company for their game ‘Journey’ in 2013, finally expanded the platform for their massive MMO community.

Recently, TGC has been receiving a mix of positive and negative emotions from fans, mostly from European and American fans have been negative and has even threatened to report TGC to the authorities due to their ‘lack of communication’.

Some Nintendo Switch players sent in complaints about the fact that the game wouldn’t run properly for almost a week, many players experienced crashes and for some, the game wouldn’t open. They had been worried about the adventure pass they paid for and not being able to participate in the event.

Many western fans are asking That Game Company for compensation for the candles and days that they missed.

Meanwhile, TGC’s Japan audience seems to be very grateful for the Season of Flight, despite the difficulties players have been experiencing and even thank TGC for all their hard work.


What is Sky: Children of Light?

Sky: Children of Light comes under the ‘wholesome’ games category and was originally released in 2019 for IOS, then 2020 for Android. It’s an open-world exploration game, where a player can go through seven different realms while befriending other players to help them along the way.

The player follows the story of ‘The Children of Light’ who witnesses their world falling apart in seven different realms after the stars fell from the constellations out of the sky. As a part of this group, it is the player’s quest to find all the stars and restore them.  This is achieved by exploring the areas, sharing love and light around the kingdoms to awake the ancestors that perished and find out the hidden truth so the stars can be restored. While the storyline is minimal, the concept of becoming friends with different players, chatting and heading out on a great journey, ties it all together.

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