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Super Pac Man

Another classic arcade game is set to hit the switch Eshop this week, this time being super packman. Here is a description of the gameplay, courtesy of the International Arcade Museum:

Instead of dots, Pac-Man eats fruits and prizes such as apples, bunches of bananas, doughnuts, hamburgers, fried eggs, ears of corn, sneakers, pieces of cakes, raspberries, limes, cups of coffee, mushrooms, Galaxians, bells and shamrocks. In order to gain access to the passages that contain these items, Pac-Man must eat keys to open specific doorways. As the levels increase, the keys open less convenient entryways.

The maze layout is identical for each board, but the maze walls do change color from board to board. The “side door escape route” works just like Pac-Man you can lose the ghosts easily. There are energizers that function like Pac-Man energizers, but there are also two “super” energizers that increase your size and give you a super speed option accessed from the control panel. While at super size, pressing the super speed button will make you approximately twice as fast. Pac-Man can safely pass through ghosts when he is big. The ghosts will become longer and thinner when the super energizer is eaten. This is to give the effect of Super Pac-Man “flying” over the ghosts. If the ghosts are blue before the super energizer is eaten, they will remain regular size, and Pac-Man can eat them as a normally-energized Pac-Man would.

In the middle of the maze, there is a flashing star between two boxes that display the bonus fruits or prizes: one box displays the current fruit or prize and the other displays a rotating selection of them. Pac-Man can eat the star to score points and if he eats the star when they match, there will be a large bonus score.

Occasionally, there will be a bonus stage where Pac-Man will automatically be “Super” and will have to eat everything in the maze before time runs out. During this stage, there are no ghosts to pursue him. The familiar cartoon sequences also appear in this game and are perhaps some of the best of the Pac-Man series.

Arcade Archives Super Pac-Man will drop on switch on the 6th of january and will cost $7.99/€6.99/£629 on the switch Eshop

you can grab a switch from

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