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Can you imagine Super Paper Mario and UnderTale merged into one game?

That’s right. It seems like The Outbound Ghost have managed to do just that. I’m not one for comparing games, BUT how can I not when a company have done so well in executing such beauty. Now, when I say Super Paper Mario, I don’t mean exact copies or exact gameplay, I am referring to similarities with style and gameplay mechanics. I just wanted to get that out the way. This game carries its own unique style that can not be copied by any other, in fact the developer Conradical Games has mentioned they’ve been inspired by undertale.



So, what is The Outbound Ghost?

The Outbound Ghost is an adventure game developed by Conradical Games and planned to be released in 2022. It follows the story of a ghost who can’t remember the cause of their death and so set off on a journey to figure it out. Along the way, they meet new characters who also happen to be ghosts but sadly have been recently murdered to become so. That leaves it up to our main protagonist to help them come to terms with the afterlife.

The story may sound simple, but I truly believe that this game will offer unique gameplay. I have that feeling in my gut, that it’ll be one of those amazing games I wish I could experience for the ‘first time’ over and over again. I have a strong feeling that it’ll rest close in my heart, one of those games I recommend to people, every time I meet them.

You can SEE the love and the joy they put into creating this, all the hard work and as they are continuing to create this. I am willing to fully support them. Conradical Games will be going live on Kickstarter on the 12th of July, you should support them with me. If you’re curious about their development, they post videos on their youtube channel to display different things they are working on to make sure you get the best experience you can receive.




What is their development process like?

Well here are a couple videos to help give you a good idea.


A week of Indie Game Development

Developing A Combat System


How can you support Conradical Games?

Just head over to their Kickstart Page and follow their socials to keep up with the news! I will also be updating here on the Get2Gaming blog to inform you guys of any news I hear about the game as well! This will surely be an AMAZING release, I’m practically screaming.

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Youtube: @Conradicalgames


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