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That Game Company Released Special Merch, Soundtrack and Updates in Celebration of Their 2nd Anniversary

That Game Company the award-winning developers of the game Journey, celebrates their 2nd Anniversary of Sky: Children of Light, in style. With game updates, special limited-edition merchandise, and two releases of the game’s original soundtracks, that many fans have been begging for since the release.


Sky’s Anniversary Updates

The Anniversary update was spectacular, a time of year where they could give their players something special to in-game to hold on to. They allowed players to receive cake spells, a hat that’s exclusive to the anniversary event, items such as celebratory banners, along with the dressing of the dark dragons and crabs,  the most vicious enemies, in a gold party hat to add for a little humour to the event TGC did warn that despite the cute appearance, they will still attack. The cake spells enable you to celebrate any occasion with a cake online, the cake spells vary in shape and size. They can be bought in a secret place called the office, which can be found towards the back of the Vault of Knowledge. Usually, only a player with a beta or That Game Company Cape can access this area, but in celebration, TGC decided to add an NPC to help players who don’t have the cape, through so they can receive these special items.


Sky: Children of Light Original Soundtracks


Many players have spent their time recording the game soundtrack of Sky: Children of Light through a third-party app, for a long time they have been wishing for an official version to be released and after so long, TGC has finally decided to release not just one, but two volumes, one released on the 16th of July and the other on the 30th of July. It’s certainly exciting, their music consists of a fantasy orcherastral style, something similar to a Pixar film if I were to compare. Most of their soundtracks are described as relaxing and good for meditation, which is something they push towards a lot in the game.



2nd Anniversary Merch

Lastly, the anniversary merch is very exciting. They offer NFC pins, plushies, bags, mugs, posters, and a lot more. The NFC pins offer exclusive in-game content that regular players can’t get unless they have either participated in a previous event or buy that specific item. Their NFC pins are scanned on the mobile phone which gives the player either a specific item or feature for a permanent or limited amount of time. They also have a 2nd Anniversary box which includes; a TGC cape mug, which lights up with a beverage inside. An Anniversary Crab Keychain, which allows a player to put a party hat on any dark crab nearby, there is also the ocean cape pin which allows a player to wear the ocean cape for a limited time. Then they offer an Anniversary Poster and Bookmark and as a little extra…they throw in a cute canvas bag.

They also have a special AI LOVE KEYCHAIN PIN, which is made in the inspiration of the Chinese content creator, Ai Love. The pin allows the player to receive a special call in-game call sound ‘wuhu’ as opposed to the usual in-game honk sound. Ai Love can be seen unboxing the product here.



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