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Our List of ‘The Best Original Soundtracks from the Games of 2021’

Music has always been a massive part of video games, along with sound effects, graphics and unique illustration style that have also been a plus, but soundtracks help bring games to life, they help us to absorb the atmosphere, to ‘live and breath’ the game.


1. Ori and The Will of The Wisps

Ori and The Will of The Wisps is an enchanting-action adventure platformer developed by Moon Studios GmbH. The journey filled with courage, a strong heart and wisdom really come to life with the soundtrack. The cutscenes wouldn’t be what they are without the music.

Each area, including combat, has a new style of music that you never get bored of, no matter how long you spend in the area.

The soundtrack sucks the player in and makes them feel as though they are truly part of the journey.

Below is the full Original Soundtrack for Ori & The Will of The Wisps

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List All ‘Ori and The Will of The Wisps’ Soundtracks

1 Main Theme
2 We Named Her Ku
3 A Yearning for the Sky
4 A Keepsake from the Past
5 Ku’s First Flight
6 Separated by the Storm
7 Howl
8 Now Use the Light, We Want to See!
9 A Shine Upon Inkwater Marsh
10 Overlooking the Mill
11 The Eyes of Kwolok
12 Kwolok’s Hollow
13 Hornbug
14 Dashing and Bashing
15 Meeting Kwolok
16 Kwolok’s Throne Room
17 Sanctuary in the Glades
18 The Ancient Wellspring
19 A Look Inside
20 Trouble Within
21 Turn, Turn, Turn Again
22 Amelioration
23 Escaping a Foul Presence
24 Silent Woodlands
25 Reunification
26 Ash and Bone
27 Shriek
28 Fading of the Light
29 The Story of Niwen
30 Shadows of Mouldwood
31 Mora the Spider
32 The Eyes of the Forest
33 The Darkness Lifted
34 Luma Pools
35 Kwolok’s Malaise
36 Strength of the Forest
37 Resolution in Paradise
38 Midnight Burrows
39 Baur’s Reach
40 A Snowy Skirmish
41 In Wonderment of Winter
42 Baur’s Peak
43 Escape with the Memory of the Forest
44 Shriek’s Tale
45 The Windswept Wastes
46 Burrowing
47 Approaching the Ruins
48 The Heart Knows It’s Safe
49 The Windtorn Ruins
50 Seir
51 Escaping the Sandworm
52 The Weeping Ridge
53 Willow’s End
54 Decay
55 Unblocking the Way
56 The Spirit Willow
57 Shriek and Ori
58 Remaining in Darkness
59 A Stirring of Memories
60 Ori, Embracing the Light



2. Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant is an emotional JRPG set in the year 3465 and is about a young boy who’s on a quest to save his sister from a disease known as the ‘black scrawl’ and is on the search for the ‘sealed verses’ while uncovering all the secrets that lie behind it.


The soundtrack in NieR Replicant is godsent, it’s just as beautiful as NieR: Automata’s soundtrack and completely captures every little emotion from the characters to the supporting characters, the viewers, the dialogue and even the environment. Everyone is a witness and through the music, NieR Replicant makes everyone a part of guilt, happiness, loss and love, including the player.


Our personal favourites happen to be ‘The Song of Ancients’ as heard in NieR: Automata and ‘Fleeting Words’. Here’s a full video for Nier Replicants soundtrack!

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Square Enix released 3 CD’s for NieR Replicant, here’s the full list of soundtracks below.

Disc 1

  1. Snow in Summer
  2. Hills of Radiant Winds
  3. The Incomplete Stone
  4. Blu-bird
  5. Song of the Ancients / Popola
  6. Cold Steel Coffin
  7. Grandma
  8. The Wretched Automatons
  9. Yonah / Pluck Ver.
  10. City of Commerce
  11. The Prestigious Mask
  12. Temple of Drifting Sands
  13. Gods Bound by Rules
  14. Dispossession / Piano Ver.
  15. Ashes of Dreams / New

Disc 2

  1. Kainé / Premonition
  2. Song of the Ancients / Devola
  3. The Ultimate Weapon
  4. Halua
  5. Deep Crimson Foe
  6. The Lost Forest
  7. His Dream
  8. This Dream
  9. Dispossession / Strings Ver.
  10. Kainé / Salvation
  11. The Dark Colossus Destroys All
  12. Yonah / Piano Ver.
  13. Ashes of Dreams / Nouveau
  14. Ashes of Dreams / Nuadhaich
  15. ? ? ?

Disc 3

  1. Fleeting Words / Family
  2. Fleeting Words / Outsider
  3. Repose
  4. Song of the Ancients / Hollow Dreams
  5. Dispossession / Music Box Ver.
  6. Shadowlord’s Castle
  7. Dance of the Evanescent
  8. Song of the Ancients / Fate
  9. Emil / Karma
  10. Emil / Sacrifice
  11. Shadowlord
  12. Analogous Memories
  13. Grandma / Reunion
  14. Kainé / Escape
  15. Ashes of Dreams / Aratanaru


3. Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil (8) Village is a first-person horror game about a man named Ethan Winters, who aims to get his daughter Rose back after she was abducted from him.

The soundtrack in Resident Evil Village, makes even gamers who are used to horror games feel a little fear. The soundtrack is fantastic and pulls us into intense moments with each amazing change in the plot, whether we fear what will happen next or not.

Here is a video of Resident Evil Village’s full soundtrack

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Here’s a full list of Soundtracks for Resident Evil Village

01. Ripples in the Calm
02. Village of Shadows
03. A Bad Feeling
04. Crisis
05. The Hag
06. The Duke
07. A Moment’s Respite I
08. The Duke’s Emporium
09. Bloodthirsty
10. Wandering the Dark
11. She’s Not Here
12. Out of Control
13. A Moment’s Respite II
14. Monstrosity
15. Promenons-nous dans les bois
16. Treading Water
17. Acid Rain
18. Propelled
19. The Final Movement
20. Descent into the Village
21. Remember
22. The Path
23. Eradicating Evil
24. Rose
25. Yearning for Dark Shadows



4. Ghost of Tsushima Direct’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure RPG set in 1274, during a Mongolian invasion on the Japanese island of Tsushima. You play as a resident named Jin Sakai who join the rest of the island’s army to rebel against those who invaded their island. Now, Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is based around Jin facing his traumatic past at Iki Island.

The soundtrack in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut feels very authentic for the time it’s set in, the game has a traditional and nostalgic undertone. The music captures the beauty of loss, hope, chaos, anguish and fear, all in one place. It’s definitely at the top of our list.

Here’s a video of the full soundtrack from Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut



Here’s a list of all the Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut Soundtracks 

  1. 1 The Tale of Clan Sakai
  2. Ankhsar Khatun, The Eagle
  3. The Eagle 3 Lightning in the Storm 
  4. Face the Judgment of Your Ancestors
  5. Sacred Medicine
  6. The Battle for Iki Island
  7. Eternal Blue Sky
  8. The Eagle’s Curse
  9. The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai
  10.  May Your Death Benefit All Beings
  11.  Forged in Blood
  12.  The Forbidden Ritual
  13.  Cursed Spirits
  14.  Sukhbataar’s Revenge
  15.  Oni of the Void


5. Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom – Prince’s Edition

Ni No Kuni 2 Revenant Kingdom is a sequel to the original game Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It feels just like a Studio Ghibli film and is jam-packed with memorable characters, a wonderful plot, beautiful soundtracks, fantasy elements and a great combat system.

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom has a fantastic soundtrack composed by Joe Hisaishi, it all ties in perfectly, below is a full soundtrack for the entire game.


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Here is the full soundtrack list for Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

01. Theme from Ni no Kuni II
02. The Toppled Throne
03. The Escape
04. Let Battle Commence
05. Leavetaking
06. The Curious Boy
07. The Great Outdoors
08. Into the Fray
09. Here Come the Higgledies!
10. Treacherous Valley
11. Boss Battle
12. To Arms!
13. Forest of Mysteries
14. City of Hunger
15. There is Hope
16. Carefree Days
17. The High Seas
18. Kingdom by the Sea
19. Deep Sea Cave
20. Fateful Encounter
21. Painful Memories
22. City of the Future
23. The Factory Floor
24. The Boundless Skies
25. In the Kingdom of the Mice
26. Kingmaker’s Theme
27. The Lost Kingdom
28. Dark Rite
29. The Final Showdown
30. Evan’s Kingdom
31. Happily Ever After

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