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The new update is definitely going to test our inventory management…

Since its announcement, the upcoming seismic update for Iron Gate’s Viking simulator Valheim has been shrouded in secrecy. However, Iron Gate has been releasing snippets of information here and there, giving players a brief idea of what to expect. The developer has now served up a few more morsels of information, and this time, it’s related to the game’s food system. The whole system is set to receive a huge overhaul – and it looks like some food items are getting a nerf in the process.

In the game’s current form, simply shoving some food in your mouth will result in (somewhat) even amounts of health and stamina, but the system arriving in Hearth and Home will change that. Food will soon be divided into three categories: those which provide health, stamina or an even split.

The different categories will be marked by a coloured fork icon, with red indicating a focus on health, yellow for stamina, and white for a balanced meal. The food bar is also being replaced by a timer system to indicate how long the foods will last.

We also received a very brief look at the stats provided by food, and it looks like some meals are getting a slight nerf to the maximum amount of health and stamina they can provide. As spotted by PC Gamer, Cooked Lox Meat currently gives you 70 health and 40 stamina, but after the change, it will only provide 50 health and 10 stamina. As another example, Blood Pudding currently provides 90 health and 50 stamina, but after the update, it will give a maximum of 14 health and 70 stamina. Blood Pudding provided the biggest HP buff of all the food items in the game until this point, so that’s quite the shake-up.

It also looks like these items won’t last for quite as long, either: Cooked Lox Meat will now last 20 minutes (1200 seconds) instead of 33.3 minutes (2000 seconds), while Blood Pudding will last 25 minutes (1500 seconds) instead of 40 minutes (2400 seconds). The way things currently work in Valheim is that the potency of food steadily decreases over time. So if the new system provides the buffs at maximum strength for a longer period, things could balance out. And indeed, one developer has confirmed that the new system will have a “less linear curve”, with little deterioration for the most part and items only deteriorating quickly towards the end of the timer. It should at least make managing your health a little more predictable.

The update will also give us a wider variety of food items to craft, with new foods like Eyescream, Shocklate Smoothies and “wolf meats” being introduced. It sounds like the new update will put further strain on our inventories with a new number of ingredients to keep up with.

We have also been informed that new ways to store treasure and your stacks of gold will come with the update.

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