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After A rough couple of years for youtube’s annual wrapup of content on its platform, Youtube Rewind has officially been canceled permanently.

The series launched in 2010 as an end of year celebration of all the content uploaded to the youtube platform over the course of the previous year. The videos have always been fairly successful, raking in Thousands of views per year. Over time the Videos got more elaborate, however with this a sense of dislike and disillusionment began to fester around the videos.

All this came to a head in 2018 with the release of “Youtube Rewind 2018”, which garnered excessively negative responses. Many felt that youtube was out of touch and that the Video Put more focus on celebrities rather than the actual independent creators that youtube is known for, along with many feeling the political messaging of the video was out of touch and disingenuous. 

The video was eventually hit with a mass dislike campaign, and eventually ended up as the most disliked video on youtube, surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” From 2010. It is for this reason that in 2019 the rewind was a more somber affair, being based on the most liked videos formed from aggregate data from the site, and also taking the form of a top ten video. While the reaction to this attempt was less violent, it wasnt precisly positive. Many found the entire concept to be “Cringy” and the tone was far more apathetic than many hoped for.

And so, after a lack of a rewind video in 2020 due to youtube deciding it “Wouldn’t be appropriate” given the events of the year, today a spokesperson for the company said that youtube would be shelving the event permanently. Instead, they will be leaving to creators to form the end of year wrap ups.

However, the spokes person did also say that youtube would instead now release a list video in the format of the 2019 rewind at the end of the year from now in, in a hope to avoid the same negative backlash that the 2018 video received.

Youtube also hinted at a possible end of year “interactive experience” although what precisely that means is at current unknown.

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