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long way home

Halo is practically a household name as one of the biggest franchises in gaming, selling over 77 million units worldwide and grossing over $5 billion in sales. It has received plenty of adaptations, from novels and comics books to failed attempts at a live-action movie and is now finally getting a live-action series on Paramount+, scheduled to be released in 2022. It is clearly a beloved series and the fans have also shown their love through creativity when it comes to producing fan-made content.

The most recent addition to the pantheon of fan-made projects is film student Gareth Reeve‘s teaser trailer for his fan-made film. Long Way Home follows a lone ODST trooper after a blundered drop leaves them stranded on Delta Halo. The trooper will travel across the surface to regroup with their team, with Covenant troops right on their trail. It is set to be released online in August 2021.



The trailer does an exceptional job of showing enough of the ODST troop and Delta Halo, but not revealing too much to keep the audience wanting more. It is clear to see the passion for the game, with the incredibly accurate ODST combat gear that will send a shiver down any Halo fan’s spine and the iconic Halo rings that can be seen in the distance that leaves you feeling pure nostalgia and anticipation for this fan-made film’s release.

There have been so many fan-made projects for the Halo franchise since its release in 2001, it is impossible to list them all. One of the most popular (and personal favourite of mine) is RoosterTeeth‘s machinima comedic web series Red vs Blue, which started back in 2003 and has a whopping 18 seasons now. Fans of Halo who don’t know the web series will know the game Grifball that was inspired by the show and added to Halo’s multiplayer. There has also been a fan-made game in the works since 2017 by Halo lovers all around the world. Installation 01 is a free game set to be released on all PC platforms that recreates the multiplayer experience of the Bungie-era games.



Even though the official Halo adaptations are something to appreciate and speculate with what’s in store, it’s clear to see the fans are running the show with its immeasurable quality of fan-made content. It will be interesting to see the impact Long Way Homes makes within the community.

All of the fan-made products mentioned, fall under Microsoft’s Game Content Usage Rules.


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