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We Could Have an Adventure Time & Animal Crossing-Inspired Game Fusion within The Next Couple Years.

Tik Tok user ‘GameMechanic’ is using that social media platform to promote their current game in development. It doesn’t have a name, but what we do know is that the developer plans to make it inspired by Adventure Time, Harvest Moon & Animal Crossing, which are all very popular franchises. Indie game development can be difficult, especially when aiming to build an audience large enough to support the development of the game, buy and play it. This becomes especially difficult when there is a5 demand for release on multiple consoles or platforms. 1

Game Mechanic has described their game as a first-person action-adventure game, which will most likely have a cosy aspect such as farming, fishing, exploring and hopefully talking fun dialogue with NPC’s. This is what I expect from a title they are comparing to Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon or Adventure Time. So far, the project looks quite raw in terms of development, it is in the very early stages of building the terrain and its features, aesthetic and the world’s ‘personality’ if you will. The game does look very ‘Fornite-ish’ in terms of design, but as this game is still in the early stage of its development, I trust that a more unique detail will be added later.


Game Mechanic’s Tik Tok posts, has been answering questions of their supporters, fans or generally those who have shown interest in the game, such as furniture. Their previous videos has displayed the creator adding walls, houses and furniture. A viewer asked specifically if the game would have furniture, and displayed them as the player, placing furniture down on a dock, which implies we may be able to customise the world in any way we wish. This also requires resources, which the player will also need to explore around to get, which is where some of the survival features get thrown in.

Game Mechanic has already gained over 36 thousand followers and counting, despite the rough look of the game so far, Game Mechanic has achieved so much in its development and many of us have faith that the game will come out as another masterpiece, a thrill and immersive experience to playthrough. Hopefully, we’ll see a Kickstarter of some sort by the end of 2021 or sometime in 2022. It’ll certainly be interesting to see Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and Adventure Time, come together as one and see what can be made out of inspiration for it.


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