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Apex Legends is a free-to-play first-person-shooter battle royale game with unique gameplay quirks for it’s selectable characters. I was precisely today-years-old when I found out there’s full-on comic book lore and stories related to the game, so before I go on a VaatiVidya style deep dive on this series till 3am hyped on coffee and the spite of a thousand schoolyard bullies… Let’s talk about the funny bugs yall!

The game is very much geared towards competitive-level play with an ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’ skill ceiling. So, on the one hand, I can see how the recent glitches that have been popping up now and then can be a little annoying for pro players, to put it mildly. With cheating hackers and currently unknown parties seizing control of other Respawn games, there’s a fair amount that needs to be taken care of, though I personally haven’t encountered these issues, so if the game sounds like your cuppa tea, go nuts! Plus the devs have been working hard to fix the bugs, so fingers crossed this whole debacle becomes a non-issue in a few weeks.

One ‘Victorique’, Reddit extraordinaire, posted a recording of a ranked match, where the players jump ship (as you do) and find themselves cruising towards the sky without a single patch of land in sight. And the phrase ‘in sight’ is doing ALL the legwork in that sentence because the map was still in place, just completely invisible. Transparent. See-through. Of Draxian proportions!

And if you’ll pardon the self indulgence, if you’ll be so kind as to read the following two captions of images in a bad David Attenborough impression, that would greatly enhance your mileage from this article, trust me.

Here, we witness the Ranked Apex Shooty-Bang-Banger. Stripped of his preferred tools of virtual combat, we see him flailing and staggering into this brand new invisible world, wherein chances of getting hit on by others, are inevitable… So just like the real world, if you really think about it.
Apex-shooty-bang-bangers tend to travel in packs of three, as this provides optimal chances of performing, and I quote, “dank 360 noscope skillz”. Legend has it, (and Apex Legend, if you will) that one such warrior had the rare and awesome ability to “do a backflip, snap the bad guy’s neck and save the day”… Such majestic creatures, aren’t they.

If you actually took part with the voice reading out loud or in your head, I thank you profusely. If you didn’t do the voice, I politely, but firmly ask you to leave (not really, please do return, my job kinda depends on it). Also, the rocks over on the side of the second image are just window-dressing, the folks playing couldn’t actually land and fight on those.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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