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Battlefield 2042 has had a rough few months since its launch. Its scrapped a lot of series staple features, it doesn’t run well (to the point that cheat developers have abandoned the game), and its player base is consistently lower than that of Battlefield five, the also maligned previous entry in the series. Hell, the game doesnt even have a scoreboard and will only be getting one in February.

Industry insider Tom Henderson on Twitter is painting an even bleaker picture of this game. In one tweet he stated:

“For those asking, I dont know whats going on at the moment with Battlefield 2042 because I dont think *they* know whats going on. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place and it’s going to be genuinely difficult (if not impossible) to fix the game.”

He went on to say, regarding EA’s upcoming earnings call:

“We’ll probably get the following on the game during their earnings call on Feb 1st “BF2042 failed to meet expectations on launch, but we have a strong live service planned which we will announce soon” – But I’m hoping analysts will put pressure on EA to get answers.”

This is the same sort of statement said about Anthem before its cancellation and closure, so thinks are really looking down for the struggling game.

Later, Tom Henderson would return with even more news, saying that EA is disappointed with how Battlefield 2042 has performed, and may even be looking into taking the game to be free to play to some extent. Originally saying more would come the next day, it was actually 2 days later that Henderson would post a youtube video to his channel titled “BATTLEFIELD 2042 FREE TO PLAY? – Player Numbers, Analyst Opinions. Legal Consultation, and MORE!”. You can check out the video here.

It should be noted that even if this ends up true then this isn’t necessarily the whole game going free to play, maybe just a part of it like the portal mode for example.

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