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Why not Celebrate 35 years of Samus with this Magazine?

The Ninety Fresh magazine is back on Kickstarter once again, this time they are celebrating 35 years of Metroid with Samus Aran. The magazine is filled with metroid themed fun to look at, they go through the journey of NES to 2021. This is their 5th issue surrounding a Nintendo Series, before they had done Zelda and Pokemon, two very popular franchises and so far they have exceeded their kickstarter mark for funding another issue of their magazine. This magazine is something Metroid fans MUST have, while it isn’t essential or a first-party item, it’s certainly an item that is rare, a magazine that I can say for sure, none of your gamer friends or metroid fans will have.


“Since making its debut in the original title in 1986 on the NES, this incredible series has spawned 15 different titles with Metroid Dread arriving on the Nintendo Switch later this year, and inspired an entire genre along the way and this issue will dedicate a huge number of pages looking at each title in the series, culminating in our review of the latest iteration, with the entire feature comprised of interesting pieces and bespoke artwork throughout. Just like the Pokémon and Zelda issues!”  – Ninety Fresh –

Potentially, magazines similar to this could be the next big thing amongst gamers, for those who wish to know more about their favourite franchises and the history and have it all in one place without having to spend an absurd amount of money, this is probably for them.



“We plan to bring a range of enjoyable content to each issue. We will have editorials looking at the latest big Nintendo stories and what’s happened since the last issue, system recaps, informative interviews and huge cover features, all interwoven with amazing artwork, the latest reviews and even some fun and games! Oh, and fan content. We want your stuff. Letters (or emails), tweets, questions, artwork – all that sort of thing.”


So not only can you learn more about the Nintendo and content creators in the industry, but you can also get involved with it by sending your own work in, whether it is small or big. The popularity of the Ninety Fresh magazine increases as time goes on, and with the amount of effort put into these, I am surprised to see they have bonuses along with the magazine as well, that’s depending on the kickstarter pledge of course. They have included an enamel pin, double sided posters, digital copies of the magazine and a physical copy as well. More expensive pledges include, postcards, art prints, your name mentioned in the credits of the magazine and sponsors section. (The more the merrier, am I right?)



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