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July 5, 2022

Nintendo’s Mario Kart Tour has been a successful hit on the mobile market peaking the interests of many fans revisiting some familar tracks that had previously appeared as DLC for previous titles such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Since Nintendo’s characters has always remained exclusive on their platform on the switch there are rumors of the possible transition to pc. This infomation was reportedly gathered though the data mining on the latest update that was featured. People have found out the use of external inputs such as Controllers, tablets and mouses for the Ios and Andriod versions of the games. Granted this could be seen as innovations on development and the company trying new things however, its confirmed that Google play games for pc service will be coming some point later down the line. There are other talks about code within the games files running on emulation mode which further enphasises the idea of the games might come to Google play games. This would be a beneficial since some of Nintendo’s mobile titles could get additional content produced through mods on the pc allowing the player base to have access to player made content maps, characters and Storyline. These leaks have been around for around several months now and the chances were rather slim it was only recently with new leaks of a potential releases that it may become a possiblity.


Its evident that other platforms are beginning to find a middle ground an example of which Xbox and Playstation still have exclusives but commonly have games that are crossplay that allows friends to join one another. Maybe this could be Nintendo’s first step on spreading their ip over to other platforms starting with pc perhaps. If this is the case it will bring gamers of all types of games together going forward. Nintendo has always done a good job staying in the market since their exclusives have always been high quality products therefore by chance if they were to expand their market such as pc and continue to sell at their premium priced products then they could make very high revenue.


As previously mentioned none of this is official since Nintendo Themselves have not made any announcements to confirm any of these speculations so its best to say to keep it a rumor until further notice.


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