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Hideo Kojima has collaborated with French designer Jean-François Rey to bring these innovative pairs of glasses

Death Stranding has done incredibly well since the initial release and is continuing its success thanks to its recent next-gen upgrade onto the PS5.

The action game directed by Hideo Kojima and developed by Kojima Productions is also rumoured to have a sequel in negiations, yet for now, the game, or rather the director Kojima-san, has joined forces with French designer Jean-François Rey to bring a collection of designer glasses that are inspired by the bestseller.

Kojima x Rey

Jean-François Rey specialises in glasses that aren’t traditional designs, which is perfect for a game like Death Stranding. There are 3 designs of glasses up for pre-order that will be delivered by March 2022. There isn’t a price listed on the official website, just a phone number and email address to contact if you are interested- so expect these glasses to be very expensive and most likely to be out of the regular gamer’s price range.


The first design has a pair of round lenses and a second pair of shaded lenses attached to the temples which can be opened out to cover the regular lenses and tucked back again. They come in three styles; black, chess, and army.

Source: JFRey



The second design is a more rounded, steampunk-style design with detachable shaded lenses that also come in three different styles; black, blue, and army camouflage.


Source: JFRey



The last pair of glasses actually come with their own limited edition collector’s pack. The pair of glasses are a 3D nylon, metal and acetate hybrid model sold in a unique black colour, with an intricate detail along the edge of the frames, and come with their own LUDENS mask, based on Kojima Production’s own mascot character.


Source: JFRey


Even though these are going to be unattainable to most regular gamers, you have to admit they are finished with immaculate detailing and stand out against any other pair of glasses.


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