Dying Light 2! A Cheeky Star Wars Easter Egg and More!

tn Dying Light 2 Force Choke Easter Egg blog

What a coincidence the almighty algorithm gives me this Dying Light 2 tidbit when I was listening back to old Jeremy Jahns Star Wars reviews earlier today!

Not only is this Techland easter egg an easter egg, but it’s an easter egg INSIDE of another easter egg! A Russian Nesting Doll of easter egg-ception! There’s a secret Doom level in Dying Light 2 and players can receive a special new skill by completing it, which ties into the main subject of today’s blog.

But, Stefan, how do I get it? Well, if you can’t find a copy at a local store, you can- No, how do I find the Doom level? I wanna rip n’ tearAaah, well sit on my knee and I’ll spill you some tea.

First off, you gotta find 5 black rubber duckies scattered throughout the map. What is the function of them? Sources remain divided. You then have to complete the quest ‘Broadcast’, then you’ll be able to enter a previously locked room once you have the ducks and BOOM, now you get to enter The Fun Zone!

A few moments later, you offer up your dark ducky offerings to a nearby pedestal, complete a challenge that sees you try to get 5 objects within a time limit while fighting zomboners with the Ka Doom Shotgun and there ya go! A shiny new blueprint that gives players the ability to go full Darth Vader on a fool and choke them like a leather-daddy on prom night.

It won’t do a huge amount of damage on it’s own, but works well for stunning enemies and even being more susceptible to damage with follow-up attacks.

Other unlockable easter egg weapons for Dying Light 2 include:

The Left Finger of GloVa: Fingerbang your enemies, shoot your shot. Inside, if possible.

Cyberhands 2177: Mantis blades belonging to a certain ‘punk’, though I could’ve sworn the date was off by… Maybe a century.

“It’s me… Marian” sneakers: Triple jump your way across the land with hardcore parkour skills strong enough to make a certain moustachio’d Nintendo mascot blush!

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