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One of The Best Gameplay Trailers To Start Gamescom Off – ‘DokeV’ the Action- Adventure Monster Collecting Game

DokeV was announced for the first time at Pearl Abyss Connect in 2019, so far this game looks stunning and good enough to fit into the ‘next-gen’ category of fun, fast-paced, engaging and aesthetically pleasing gameplay. That’s not to say they need all of those to be ‘Next-gen’ but they definitely have been using the right technology to achieve the maximum potential in DokeV, which shone through yesterday at the Gamescom Opening Night 2021.


What is DokeV anyway?

I’m glad you asked. To summarise DokeV, it’s an action-adventure game developed by Pearl Abyss. The game is open-world and along your journey of exploration, you can indulge in many activities such as cycling, skateboarding, surfing, driving cars, fishing and many others, but with a twist….you get to catch and become friends with adorable monsters called Dokebi, they are creatures from Korean Folklore that get their power from people’s dreams. This is what happens when Pokemon and Go Vacation has a baby (Just me? Okay). This game does remind me a lot of Go Vacation, the visuals, graphics and the versatility in the open-world interaction, basically Go Vacation with a bit of combat and a fantasy element. That’s how I like to see it.

DokeV is kind of what I wish the Go Vacation port to the Nintendo Switch was like, but…to my disappointment was not. While I thought I would enjoy the nostalgia, I did not. That isn’t to say Go Vacation is a bad game, it’s amazing but perhaps wasn’t for me. I feel as though DokeV will offer what I had been searching for, a fun-packed game filled with leisurely activities, a fast pace, engaging open-world interaction and a little action.



What Consoles will DokeV Release on?

Well so far, they plan to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox and PC. There has been no news of this game releasing for the Nintendo Switch (I cry in Switch Lite). At least we know that this game will definitely be heading for the next-gen consoles and will be almost widely available, maybe somewhere along the line, they will consider a Nintendo Switch release. As far as we know, there is no release date however, many suspect this won’t be seen for sale until 2022.


                                                                                                                                                                      Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2021                                


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