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MCM Comic Con Midlands 2015

Go2Games’ first ever Comic Con and the first of many to come this year! Here’s the low-down!

Saturday 14th February 2015 marked Go2Games’ first ever MCM Comic Con, which was held in the Midlands at the International Centre, Telford. We arrived on Thursday evening and stayed in an incredible secluded cottage/mansion, which our team thoroughly enjoyed. It also felt like we were a part of a horror film whenever nightfall came, which was an added bonus!

Friday was set-up day and we spent the afternoon/evening erecting our grand, inflatable tent, our fantastic banner and filling the tent with all of our goodies ready for the following morning, whilst our lovely photographers (Patrick and Joe) filmed the whole process! Here’s a look at our tent on set-up day. Pardon the bags and boxes; we were still unpacking and setting up our lovely merchandise!


Here’s a shot of our most excellent banner which had been hung up just moments before!


Saturday morning gave an early start to the team as we arrived back at the venue, just before 8am, to give the finishing touches to our tent, merchandise, and costumes! An hour later saw one of the longest queues that I’ve probably ever seen, which was filled with such incredible cosplayers, all aching to get in to the nerve centre! Here are a few recognisable characters that I met along the way…




I was also ecstatic to meet some of my own kind along the way, and right outside our big old tent too! Does anyone recognise this marvellous man below too?…


I was very lucky to have a photo with Mark Meer, who voices the character Commander Shepard from the extremely popular franchise – Mass Effect. What a lovely guy he is too!

The whole day went extremely well. Excellent cosplay (the winners of the Cosplay Masquerade are featured at the very top of this piece), brilliant atmosphere, great customers and we all very much felt at home and in our element being surrounded by such wonderfully outrageous characters! As you can see, our tent was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Even the Star Wars clan!…



A brilliant day was had by all and we celebrated with a lovely meal made by our colleague Sam and toasted to our success! 

These morph suits, which we sell and have been modelled by the Dark Lord (Spiderman) and myself (Deadpool), sparked a lot of social interest…


Even Jean Luc Picard came along with us and gave us a helping hand. His forte is clearly cooking and he swiftly became our head chef for the stay…


I also, as per usual, managed to get myself into a spot of bother whilst doing the rounds…


Here are a few more shots for you to enjoy, which I managed to snap, and do keep your eyes peeled for more fantastic photographs coming from our two wonderful photographers, Patrick Larder & Joe Madden!…




Mr J & Harley

Power Rangers

Power Rangers photo-bombed by one of our minions!


Scarecrow and I

Oh I do LOVE Scarecrow!

Storm Trooper

Everybody get down!

Trooper and I

If you’d also like to check out G2G’s soundtrack to MCM Comic Con 2015, you can check it out HERE, on our official YouTube channel!

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