Who Are These GTA: Online Aliens?

Interestingly, the UFO appearance also follows the day and night cycle. It only makes it emergence during night, which I suppose makes sense given its trying to give us a fright. In addition, it seems that the night also changes its colouring depending on what stage it is at. Apparently, it has an odd orange-red hue in the background which eventually turns a bit greenish. Rockstar offer no explanation for this, but we assume it’s to just add to the Halloween aesthetic.

This is only one of the many mysteries which embodies this Halloween event. We must wonder whether this is the full extent of the aliens plans, or whether there is more to expect. Personally, I would find it strange for it to just end here, as the aliens have gotten so close now. Why would they invade without revealing their true intentions? Seems rather peculiar, no?

Understandably, it has sent fans into a Halloween frenzy. It is without doubt one of the biggest in-game events that GTA: Online has ever seen. Could this be hinting at the end of GTA: Online and a natural progression in GTA 6? Thats what some fans are hoping for.

Despite this, we think that the Halloween event has been worthwhile anyway. It has given us plenty of new content regardless of whether the aliens decide to attack us in our homes. I’m sure all GTA players feel the same also. Mind you, it would be cool to see an independence day style invasion happening in the streets. We can only hope.

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