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That’s right folks, during the latest GTAV Online Contract DLC missions, a surprised player happened upon a glitch that magically gave their female character a big beautiful bushy beard! I hi-lariously dub this ‘the Ladybeard glitch’, in loving reference to pro-wrestler and stunt man, Ladybeard. For more on him, have a butcher’s at this podcast interview with the lad, tis a fun watch.

On the GTA Online subreddit, user FudgeControl shared an image of their player character sitting alongside Franklin Clinton (one of the three story mode protagonists of GTAV)… I’m sorry, but if you’ll indulge my lizard-brain tendency to find connections in everything, is it me or is FudgeControl’s character not the spitting image of soy-hater (and soy salesman) Paul Joseph Watson? Food for thought folks!

For more on the “Soy Boy” controversy, have a butcher’s (or rather, a farmer’s) at the trilogy of videos starting with Hbomberguy’s ‘Soy Boys: A Measured Response‘.

Rockstar Games (to my knowledge) has not addressed how this hi-larious glitch came about, but players have theorised it may be to do with having multiple custom characters in the GTAV Online Mode.

Some players also reported having their character’s makeup and hair (facial and otherwise) transported onto other characters in cutscenes! I mean, imagine Franklin walking down the street with a blonde Karen haircut and asking to speak to the manager at Shaft Hotdogs because it tasted more like JK Rowling than Jammidodger!

Female custom characters don’t normally have access to facial hair options in GTAV, so ironically enough, the devs at Rockstar kinda shot themselves in the foot as far as a potential solution to the problem goes. I mean, if woman characters were able to have beards all along, then FudgeControl could’ve just flipped a switch on the character creation board and called it a day. There’s also been some discussion among fans that it’s a shame the option to have bearded women doesn’t really exist in GTAV or Red Dead Redemption 2, some of the biggest Rockstar games of all time. I mean, the devs at RDR2 especially make such a big song and dance about realism that they implemented true-to-life shrinking horse-bollocks for Sobek‘s sake! So, I’m pretty sure incorporating facial hair for all the Lettie Lutzes of the world wouldn’t be too much more of a stretch.

Fandom Imagines — Family- Lettie Lutz

Besides new cosmetic options and outfits, GTA Online hasn’t announced any plans for new facial hair options.

GTA 5 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions in development.

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