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Halo Infinites Loot caves can be make or break for a round of Stockpile, CTF, or any other big team battle mode. These areas can give your team access to a wide range of weapons and equipment as well as a hard to reach vantage point. These caves are rare, but critically important to your game. Here is how to get in, and what you will find inside

How to get into loot caves

Infinites multiplayer only launched this week, so right now there is only a single map that features loot caves, that being Fragmentation. In matchmaking its exclusive to big team battle Queues, and is one of the largest maps in the game. There are 2 loot caves, on opposite ends of the map, but both look the same so identification should not be too hard. You are looking for a sci-fi like door carved into the otherwise natural looking terrain. 

When you first approach it it will be lit red and will have a terminal to the side of the door, which when interacted with will start a 20 second timer. As soon as that timer is done, the door will change colour from red to blue and open up. Once inside there will be a metric tone of weapons, with guns lining the walls and grenades and power weapons scattered across the ground.

To best utilize loot caves, open then when you have team-mates nearby. Co-ordinate with them on when to enter and exit so no-one gets trapped inside, and make off with an arsenal of weaponry the likes of which your enemy has never seen before.


Sidenote: uh… we still don’t know what those keypads found on other maps are for, like the one below from bizarre. The keypads can either display an active or Inactive message, but what this does, if anything, is still unclear.

We will continue to update you on discoveries in halo infinite if and when they are found.

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