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‘Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery’ is emotionally Magical – Gameplay Review


“‘Behind The Frame: The Finest Scenery was released on the 25th August 2021 and developed Silver Lining Studio, and it just screams Studio Ghibli. This game follows the story of an aspiring artist trying to pursue her dream, it is a click and drag type puzzle game that’s supposed to make the player feel like they are watching an anime film unfold. It is intended for that purpose, I feel as though watching the game through as if it’s a film is perfect for those who are looking for a story, as opposed to an exchange where you must complete mountains of objectives to get through the story. It’s a cosy game that allows players to unwind, relax with simple puzzles and simply have an overwhelming experience with cinematic gameplay.” Now let’s get into the review, first let’s talk about disadvantages.


Behind The Frame : The Finest Scenery Disadvantages

It’s genuinely difficult to think of some disadvantages, but I do have a few as I played this on mobile as opposed to PC.

  • Camera angles can become tedious.

At some point, I find it a little annoying to constantly being moving my fingers around to view the room and find the item I need to solve a puzzle. I believe this is because I am used to console gaming, where the only thing I need to do is use analog sticks and a few buttons, my fingers and thumbs aren’t flying everywhere, this is especially inconvenient when I’m lying down, as gravity takes it’s toll on my and my hand muscles get tired.

  • There’s no voice acting

It’s not necessarily an issue, but I was a little sad to know there wasn’t any speaking, but just subtitles to mimick their thoughts and speech towards each other. I was a little disappointed, but I came to terms with it quickly and got stuck into the game.

  • Some puzzles are harder than others.

There are moments where I find myself viciously tapping the screen in random spots, due to the fact I can’t figure out the puzzle and what I’m supposed to do next. Some are rather easy, but sometimes I spend 15 minutes staring at the screen, waiting for an answer.

  • I wish it was on Nintendo Switch

I think we all do, it’s the perfect cosy game for a Nintendo Switch Lite, I hope to see something of that in the future.


Behind The Frame : The Finest Scenery Gameplay Advantages


  • It feels like I’m watching a Studio Ghibli film

I don’t mean to compare, but it’s somewhat difficult, especially with the style it’s drawn in and the themes of ambition, aspiration and hope, staring me in the face. The music also screams cosy vibes. Not just a studio Ghibli film, but it feels like I’m watching an animation in general, even while playing the game and solving puzzles.

  • The cassette tape music matches the scenery

It’s hard to explain, but the cassette tape is different each time and the music sounds different depending on what is happening in the room. The music track helps to build the atmosphere and most times, made me smile at how well it worked with the character’s thoughts, actions and surroundings.

  • The hand drawn art is very well done

The level of detail is beautiful, the colours, the floorboards, the wall and even the sunshine, works well throughout the entire game and even the cut scenes mesh well with the hand-drawn game play.

  • Gameplay is a treat

The puzzles are satisfying to complete, with each puzzle completed we get something interesting out of it….I won’t say much as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, but as I create more art along the journey of this artist, I can’t help but feel complete.


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