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What We Have Done So Far And What We Aspire To Do

Go2Games isn’t just a game company, we aspire to help our community and many others, we want to uplift and be able to make a difference in different organisations and charities. Here’s what we have done so far.

We are now on a journey of joint venture to bring together engaging elements of culture, to create a space to offer short term experiences for young people in Croydon. This is using current government schemes and partnering with other organisations to provide those experiences to the broad spectrum of people and needs in Croydon.

Our joint venture showcases fashion, art and music from young people, underrepresented groups in our society and the borough. Go2Games as a Croydon bred company have agreed to join forces to provide other media led experiences in a larger space than the one previously occupied by FMM, for young people, those affected by the pandemic and with specific special needs.

Using the medium of video games as an engaging and comfortable subject matter. This will allow for learning of soft skills along with gaining vital work experiences, accreditation, and references in chosen subject areas to allow for a broader spectrum of opportunities in daily and working life. FMM and G2G committed to assisting and creating a diverse and vibrant working culture in Croydon by inspiring both work experience and interaction with the local community, through showcases of talent and content led initiatives.

Through our joint efforts we will be able to create a blueprint that can be replicated in other areas and broaden the horizons of those that interact with a new type of retail environment. Retail skills and their transferability can make a huge difference to someone’s overall outlook and opportunities in life, even short experiences in an engaging space can last a lifetime.

Our working spaces can also be utilised as a safe and secure working environment for young people. Life is about social impact; we hope to make a sustained one through our continued presence on the high street and continued projection of a positive working environment where All Can Achieve.

And we aim to do more with YOUR HELP. VOTE HERE.


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