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Marvel Avengers is a game that had a mixed reaction a part of which was the glitches that while not game-breaking caused people to not want to stick around another reason for this is due to the higher expectations and some people called but quite a few of those glitches and bugs have been fixed even more so now with the 2.3.1 update

multiplayer & matchmaking

there were several issues that were fixed in marvels avengers multiplayer and matchmaking the most annoying of which was a black screen when accepting a multiplayer invitation

there was an issue that prevented objectives from populating in “This Hostile Earth” Threat Sector that has now been fixed

an Avengers reward

Fixed an issue in “City Under Siege” mission that granted players different rewards than what is depicted in the mission details there is the same issue in “Menace at Large”, “and we’re back” and “above and beyond” both of which have been fixed so you can now get the rewards you are supposed to do alongside that the update Corrected the Elite Vault mission chain to exclusively reward Technical Power Set gear.

the issue was the out-of-world view in the QuinJet while loading into Avengers Initiative has been
Fixed the issue preventing voiceover lines from playing in several Wasteland missions.
there was a major issue that prevented “Out of the Shadows” and “Up From the Depths” missions from appearing on the Wartable that has now been fixed

Fixed the issue causing some players to be sent back to the main menu with a “connection error” when attempting to load into an Outpost. Fixed the issue causing all variants of Elite Vaults and Villain Sectors to be available to players as opposed to one Elite Vault per day and one Elite Villain Sector per week the update also fixed the issue preventing “Ritual Content” and “Destination Content” videos from playing in all social spaces.

the update fixes an issue related to Kate Bishop’s HARM challenges alongside Hawkeye’s HARM challenges., another HARM Challenge that prevented from populating on the Wartable for under-leveled players was also fixed

for the art and animation of the Marvels Avengers game, Hawkeye’s sword no longer sticks up from his feet in the character selection menu alongside Fixing a camera issue causing the camera to lock in the Wasteland Vault elevator as well as fixing Kate’s hair in her Supernatural Avengers Outfit to display the correct hair color.

marvels avengers have also had some issues with the combat of the game  with perks not working as well as they should some of which were some these ones being fixed in this update of Ms. Marvel’s Signature attack perks not applying any status effectsKate’s Quantum Effector Perk to not trigger with some Cryo and Vibranium perks and lastly Thor’s Rampant Lethal Extension Perk not working with any of his warrior’s fury skills should now be fixed so you can make him even more powerful

the issue is fixe with thor in his sonic statue gear, if you have it equipped you do not wear you do not do any damage the update also fixed the issue where your game black screens after you try to redo the avengers initiative after completing the final campaign mission has now been fixed so you can play avengers initiative as much as you want after completing the campaign

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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