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Square Enix are hosting Nier: Reincarnation Live Gameplay with Q&A on Twitch

We should all be excited, this is the moment where I try and hold back my screaming. On the 22nd of June, Square Enix has decided to give their audience a little more than just a trailer before Nier: Reincarnation’s release. They have decided to show, for the very first time live gameplay, which will give their fans a chance to really get a grasp of how the game will work, its mechanics, and most importantly what they can get for free before the ‘gacha’ mechanics hits, this will all be streamed on Square Enix’s Twitch.

This is also a chance for fans to ask any burning questions they have about the upcoming game and Square Enix’s plans for it in the future for any potential updates and content, as it is a mobile game with in-game purchases available throughout, we can suspect it will have ongoing content available for the time being.


Nier: Reincarnation Crossover Event with Nier: Automata


They’ve also announced that some of the outfits available will be from their successful game Nier: Automata. They will have costumes that surround the two characters 2B, A2 and 9S. They’ve also mentioned these characters will come with a little story that will tie into the new Nier: Automata story and can only be seen in Nier: Reincarnation, which is interesting as we know for a fact Nier: Reincarnation is happening in the same world as Nier: Replicant and Nier: Automata. This being said, it is most likely these character costumes will be available for purchase and not a free addition to the game, however, the fact they will come with their own story as a crossover event may represent what their future updates will be like. Certain in-game items for purchase like costumes will come during an event to give Nier: Reincarnation a more immersive experience than free-to-play players. The story itself and the crossover event should be free, but the additional costumes will most likely need real money to be put forward before players can obtain them.

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