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The long-running Nintendo Minute show is coming to a close after eight years of videos ranging from gameplay to interviews

The hosts of the long-running show have shared one last video signing off the series.

The Nintendo Minute had hit the internet during the age of Wii U’s prime when Nintendo was arguably struggling due to the middling success of its then-latest home console. The show carried on into the era of Nintendo seeing a major resurgence as the Switch became one of the best-selling consoles ever made.

Nintendo Minute hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang reminisced over their history on the show, which debuted in 2013. In the time since then, Nintendo Minute has uploaded over 400 episodes, with each episode having a greater duration than a minute. The two hosts have covered a myriad of games and topics, and their final upload highlighted many of their most memorable moments. Appearing on-camera with the greats of Nintendo like The Legend of Zelda‘s Aonuma, former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, and self-proclaimed Mario Dad Shigeru Miyamoto were just some of the highlights.

A notable aspect of the work done on the show was its charity outreach efforts, as the two went on multiple shopping sprees at Nintendo stores and Best Buy to scoop up as many Nintendo gifts as they could that would ultimately be donated to charity. The two’s charming chemistry was on display as they teasingly chided each other from clip to clip, with a strong competitive nature shining through in their competitive guessing game episodes.

It remains to be seen if either Kit or Krysta will re-emerge on YouTube with another gaming show, though several fans voiced hopes that they would. Others shared fond memories of watching the show way back at the start, with many tuning into the show since they were kids. Sadly, all of that has now come to an end. Kit and Krysta took to social media to wish fans farewell and to give sincere thanks. While the show is ending, it appears that both will remain with Nintendo itself. Kit and Krysta never explicitly state why the show is ending, however.

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