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It feels kind of redundant to say that cyberpunk 2077 did not launch in the best place. We know that it was rushed, the ambition of the studio was too high and the developers where put under crunch to get the game done. That said, the base game as it exists now is actually worth getting, and while it maybe isn’t what was promised, it is getting there.  And if its something that CDPR havent fixed themselves yet, then modding has you covered

Case and point, Modder KeanuWheeze has recently released a mod that implements and entire transit system into the game. There was a metro in the game, but it was purely aesthetic and couldn’t be ridden. The Mod features 19 unique metro Stations where players can wait for the trains to arrive, and then Ride them around night city.

Once a train arrives, You can sit inside the train and move around at your own rate. You can also now switch between first and third person perspective to get a better look at night city. The biggest downside however is that the mod isn’t actually an automated feature. It wont move around the city by itself, instead spawning a train when you enter the station, and then despawn it once the player is finished using it.

Testing metro system mod from cyberpunkgame

The other thing to note is that players will “Jump” when entering the station, entering the train, and also exiting each location. If Immersion is a big thing for you this will probably be a deal breaker but if it isnt then this is a great mod to try out.

While this mod is excellent, it is possible that CDPR will re-visit the metro in a patch down the line, adding their own version of these mechanics. But for now, KeanuWheeze has provided a great alternative for PC players.

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