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What is one hand clapping and what makes it so unique?

Bad Dream Games released One Hand Clapping on 10th of June this year and it’s been catching the eye of many gamers who are looking for a unique experience.

One Hand Clapping is a 2D-musical-puzzle-solving-platformer (it’s a mouthful, isn’t it?), that invites the player to sing into their heart’s content into a tiny microphone to solve their mind-boggling puzzles and how that shapes their character and the world around them. What makes this game so unique is that no one has to be an expert, they just need to have fun and express themselves through song. This will without a doubt help players build confidence in not just their singing but the way they use their voice, hit milestones they never thought they could, all while heading off on a life-changing journey with their protagonist’s world and its inhabitants.

The visuals are aesthetically pleasing and full of vibrant colours to go with each landscape, character and little detail that play into the mechanics of the game. It’s filled with nothing but passion and love, just like that meal you find so satisfying on a Friday night.

You don’t need anything fancy to play, you just need your voice and some headphones if you’d like to enhance your experience, to play.

Where can you play One Hand Clapping?

Currently, you can purchase One Hand Clapping from Steam on PC. However, they will soon be releasing this on Playstation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One and although, we aren’t too sure how…the Nintendo Switch as well. Some suspect they will use the Nintendo Online App for players to pose their mobile as the microphone, but we can never be too sure.


The comparison

One Hand Clapping reminds me an awful lot of Wandersong, a game created by Greg Lebanov, A Shell In a Pit and Dumb & Fat Games. The story follows a young Bard who wants to be ‘the hero’ and save the world from ending, but the only thing he has is the power of his voice. That, and his happy-go-lucky attitude being his only strength to accomplish his goal. The Bard must learn a piece of the ‘earth song’ from each god-like being called Overseers and bring the entire world in peace and harmony for the world to continue on.

And Get this, Wandersong is also a 2D-musical-puzzle-solving-platformer (Kind of has a nice ring to it, right?) the only difference is that the player doesn’t sing, the protagonist does. The player just needs to use the game mechanics to ensure the Bard sings the correct notes. Wandersong, teaches many lessons throughout its amazing storytelling, but the game left some people wondering, what would it be like to become ‘the singer’? One Hand Clapping offers players a similar opportunity to know what it’s like.

If you’re curious about Wandersong, here’s the trailer.



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