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Wrath of the rightious

Pathfinder may never have had the pop culture acclaim of Dungeons and Dragons in the pen-and-paper RPG world, but for a second there in 4th edition of D&D pathfinder was just straight up the better option. These days the game has sort of fallen from grace, due in no small part to how Endlessly accessible 5th edition of D&D is (and also the fact that Pathfinder’s second edition is kind of lacking). With that in mind, though, the Wrath of the Righteous was able to overcome the Weight of its name and has become a minor sleeper hit on steam.

Art from the core rules of Pathfinder

Now, 2 months on from its (somewhat rocky) launch, patch 1.1 is here, and its bringing improved mounted combat in turn based mode, better performance, improved graphics, Changes to reactivity to choices, and some improved NPC visuals. There are also some changes to the crusade system and how it is managed, Including letting you control armies from the throne room, rather than having to leave the city every time.

Art from Pathfinder

The update comes in at a Whopping 14.2GB download on steam, and apparently those on other platforms are Reporting much larger file sizes, so there is a very substantial amount in this update. Some reports are coming in of updates to the crusader models, making it easier to distinguish units from eachother. Another major change is Scrolls are marked with quills in the inventory if they contain spells you can learn. The full patchnotes are a long read, so we will give you some of the more…interesting changes here.


  • Daeran liked to stand on your bed after sex. Now he’ll assume a more comfortable position
  • Primal Treant would sometimes say the lines of your companions, including those not present in the group. That was creepy and was fixed
  • Candles no longer continue floating in the air after Daeran’s bath is gone from Commander’s bedroom
  • Removed excessive minotaurs in Colyphyr Mines
  • Venture-Captain Gristoff during the Fleshmarkets battle could freak out and start killing demons who were important for the plot. Fixed, but not retroactively. If you already encountered this issue, you will need to load an earlier save
  • Sometimes, when Commander went to Greengates with Arueshalae during the quest Demon’s Heresy, the location was empty – fixed. We brought all the demons back
  • Fixed Glorious Beard visuals
  • Beer Elemental portrait added

Another pathfinder game, Kingmaker, is available for PS4 now at

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