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To catch them is my real test…

We are not quite seeing a new generation of Pokemon for all the fans worldwide in 2021; however, we will definitely take a trip down memory lane with the remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl just around the corner.

The remakes contain a bunch of content, both new and old, for players to bite into. One exciting aspect is the sheer amount of pokemon available for our future legendary trainers to obtain on their journey. The game has the original Diamond/Pearl Pokédex and the National Pokédex introduced in Pokémon Platinum.

This could leave you wondering, what are the legendary Pokémon available in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Well, the list is impressive, and we will take you through it.

All Legendary Pokemon Available:

Plenty of legendary Pokémon are confirmed for these remakes. There are several methods of finding them, and some are still unknown. Here’s what we know so far.

Confirmed legendary Pokémon:

  • Dialga (Brilliant Diamond)
  • Palkia (Shining Pearl)
  • Giratina
  • Mesprit
  • Azelf
  • Uxie
  • Heatran
  • Regigigas
  • Cresselia
  • Manaphy (egg pre-order bonus)
  • Mew (Nintendo Switch with save of Let’s Go)
  • Jirachi (Nintendo Switch with save of Sword or Shield)
  • Zapdos (Shining Pearl)
  • Articuno (Shining Pearl)
  • Moltres (Shining Pearl)
  • Lugia (Shining Pearl)
  • Ho-Oh (Brilliant Diamond)
  • Raikou (Brilliant Diamond)
  • Entei (Brilliant Diamond)
  • Suicune (Brilliant Diamond)
  • Mewtwo
  • Rayquaza

Rumoured Pokémon:

  • Giratina (Origin form)
  • Darkrai
  • Shaymin
  • Arceus
  • Deoxys
  • Celebi
  • Phione (Breed Manaphy with Ditto)
  • Regirock
  • Regice
  • Registeel
  • Latios
  • Latias
  • Kyogre
  • Groudon

While some of these legendary Pokémon haven’t been officially revealed, they are in the game’s files and will likely be announced at a later date.

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