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Now that players are sinking their teeth into the new games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, an array of glitches have been discovered.

Some irritating, such as getting soft locked in the gym, some irritatingly hilarious like this:

Yet another glitch has been discovered, and this one can be exploited to the players’ benefit.

The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl cloning glitch was discovered by Twitter user Kevinfor5. In order to recreate the glitch, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players need to visit the Solaceon Town daycare. Then, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players need to access their Pokemon boxes and place two Pokemon in the exact same position in different boxes. For example, a Pokemon in the corner of Box 1 and a Pokemon in the same corner of Box 2.

Then players want to take one of those two Pokemon and put it in their Battle Box. Next, select the other Pokemon to add to the Solaceon Town daycare. After selecting it for the daycare, click on “Box List,” press Y, and then swap the positions of the two Pokemon.

Deposit the Pokemon in daycare. Then, when players open their Battle Box again, they’ll see that the bottom slot says Lv.99 with no Pokemon in it.

Step by step guide

  1. Go to Solaceon Town daycare
  2. Access Pokemon boxes and place two Pokemon in the same position in different boxes
  3. Put one of those Pokemon in the Battle Box
  4. Select the other Pokemon for daycare placement then click Box List, press Y, and swap the two Pokemon
  5. Deposit the Pokemon in the daycare and open the Battle Box again to confirm that there’s a glitch at the bottom of the list
  6. Grab a Pokemon to delete and put it in the Battle Box
  7. Select the Pokemon to be cloned and add it to the Battle Box
  8. Click on the Pokemon and view its summary screen
  9. Back out to see the Pokemon and any item it’s holding cloned

Afterwards, grab a Pokemon to delete and try to insert it into the Battle Box. Next, grab the Pokemon that needs to be cloned and add it to the Battle Box. Click on the Pokemon, view its summary screen, then back out to see that there is now two of those Pokemon. 

People are using the trick to clone legendaries, or to get rare items like Master Balls – as any item the pokemon is holding will also be cloned. This glitch will surely be patched out soon, so decide if you want to exploit it while you can.

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