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Studio ILCA has done a good job of making an accurate rendition of Sinnoh in Pokémon BDSP, especially with the  inclusion of some secret Pokémon that can be discovered like in the originals. One of these returning Pokémon is Heatran – a Legendary Fire/Steel type Pokémon who resides deep within Stark Mountain.

It’s not so easy to find however, as it’s located after a maze-like Strength puzzle that can be a little tricky. Here’s a guide on the necessary steps to find Heatran, as well as get past the puzzle.

Where to Catch Heatran in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

First of all, you need to defeat the Sinnoh Champion and unlock the National Dex by having seen all 150 Pokémon in Sinnoh. After this, speak to Professor Rowan and he’ll give you the National Dex.

  1. Travel to the Fight Area. Speak to the Sailor in the South of Snowpoint Cityand he take you to a location. Once you are there, go North and go through the tunnel past the Fisherman who gives you the Super Rod.
  2. Head Northeast on Route 225 until you reach the Survival Area. This is a small village with a PokeMart and PokeCenter. Barry will be there with Crasher Wake. Speak to them and head East after the cutscene plays.
  3. Go through Route 226 until you reach the mountains. Use HM Rock Climb to traverse the structure and go to the right up the staircase. Stop just before the two trainers and climb down the left rock path with the HM again. This will take you to a set of stairs that leads to some water.
  4. Use HM Surf to go past the little house on the island and keep going til you hit land. Go North to Route 227. Get your bike out and go over some ramps. Go up the stairs that are past the house.
  5. Use your bike to ride across a thin beam at the top on the right side. After reaching the end, you will be greeted by an NPC named Buck. When he’s done talking, go forward until you see a set of stairs that leads to a giant gave opening.
  6. You have now arrived at Stark Mountain: Heatran’s domain.
Pokémon Stark Mountain
Stark Mountain at the very top of Sinnoh.

How to Get to Heatran

So you’ve made it to Stark Mountain, well done. But we’re not finished just yet. Now you  must continue pushing forward, since there’s still a lot more work to be done to capture the Legendary lava Pokémon.

  1. Enter Stark Mountain. You then have to use HM Strength to manoeuvre the boulders correctly. Push the top and bottom boulder to the right, get under, and push the middle boulder up so that’s it against the wall.
  2. Make your way up the mountain and enter the second cave entrance. You will meet Buck again and he’ll ask you to team up with him. Be prepared for some double battles.
  3. After making your way through the room, you will come to a set of stairs that goes to another cave entrance towards the North.
  4. Once you enter this room, a cutscene will trigger. After it plays out, exit Stark Mountain by using an Escape Rope, or retracing your steps.
  5. Fly back to the Survival Area and find Buck. Speak to him. He will then head back to the Mountain, and you’ll have to follow him again.
  6. Annoyingly you have to go through all the previous steps again to get there because you can’t fast travel there unfortunately. Make your way back up to the Magma Chamber, and your prize shall await you. Make sure you save outside the room too if you’re trying to soft reset.
Pokémon Heatran gif
A mighty fine beast indeed.

Heatran is one of the toughest Legendaries to find in Pokémon BDSP, just because the quest to find it is in a fairly obscure location. It’s worth the effort however, as Heatran is quite a powerful Pokémon that would make a good addition to any team if you enjoy using Legendary Pokémon.

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