Pokémon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Drifloon Location

pokemon bdsp drifloon location

Drifloon is among the rarer Pokémon in the new Diamond and Pearl remakes, as it will only appear on a certain day after completing a certain story event.  You can only catch it in one location, so it can be easy to miss. If you’re trying to complete the Pokédex, then here’s how to catch a Drifloon for yourself.

How to Catch Drifloon in Pokémon BDSP

First, you must complete the Team Galactic event at the Valley Windworks.

After defeating Mars, return to the Valley Windworks on the Friday following the completion of this event. Drifloon will be there floating in front of the Valley Windworks building ready to be caught.

Pokémon Drifloon - image credit serebii.net/pokearth
Outside Valley Windworks on a Friday.

Drifloon will evolve into Drifblim at level 28.

Where to Spot Drifloon in a Battle

If you’re only trying to see Drifloon for your Pokédex and aren’t worried about catching one, then you can spot it elsewhere. But you must be careful as it’s easy to miss this battle.

One of the Trainers inside Hearthome Gym has a Drifloon as part of their team. To progress in the Gym you have to answer some basic questions. Get it right, you move forward. Get it wrong and you must battle a Trainer.

Pokéarth - Sinnoh - Hearthome City image credit serebii.net/pokearth
Hearthome City Gym.

If you choose to answer them all correctly, it’s possible to you will skip this battle. So, ensure you battle all Trainers in Hearthome City Gym so that you don’t miss spotting it for your Pokédex.

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