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Video Games Chronicle (VGC) have shared a ten-minute preview of the new Miami race track from the upcoming F1 22 game. The F1 22 game was announced two weeks ago and is available to pre-order from the EA store, here. 2022 marks the first official time that EA have worked on the game fully alongside usual developer, Codemasters. The F1 game is set to be released July 1 2022.

In the meantime, VGC have been given access to a preview version of the new game. They will be publishing their views next week but have been allowed to share a 10 minute preview of the new Miami race track. Miami is joining the official F1 calendar this year, with the race set to take place this weekend. The 10 minute video marks the new addition to the tracks in both game and reality.

You can watch the footage either on VGC’s website, or on their YouTube channel.

According to VGC the game footage was captured on a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 running at 1080p on High settings. VGC also pointed out that the game is still two months away from release so some changes may be made to the game between then and now and it would be unfair to judge it at this stage.

True to life?

In a bizarre turn of events, F1 22 fans could see the footage before any F1 cars had raced there in reality. Codemasters told Gamebyte how they were able to build the track in-game before it had been built in real life. This included making use of the new partnership with EA, to share assets with the Madden NFL team. You can compare the footage from the game with real-life footage from the Miami track, shown earlier today by Sky. Watch it below.

The new track is set around the Hard Rock Stadium, used for the Miami Dolphins. It is a narrow street-circuit. It features three long straights – two of which are ridiculously long – and 19 corners. The narrowness of the track might limit the amount of overtaking available in the race. However, Formula 1 has made several regulation changes this year, in the hopes to make racing closer and following other cars easier. You can read about the new regulations changes here.

Changes to the Game

The new F1 22 game will include these new regulations and new-looking cars. Lee Mather, the Senior Creative Director in F1 at Codemasters, confirmed that they have updated the “physics” to “accommodate” the new aero and tyre rules. He said it would make the game “more true to life.” However, it is hard to say what impact it will have on the actual gameplay. The game will also receive new AI adaptability, designed to make it easier for new players. Furthermore, there will be two new ‘Immersive’ and ‘Broadcast’ race-modes to make it either more challenging or cinematic.

There is set to be a new race in Las Vegas as well in 2023. This would mean three races in the USA – further signs of the growing interest in Formula 1 after the Netflix hit Drive to Survive. The F1 22 game will feature the new Miami track as well as changes made to the Australian and Abu Dhabi tracks. Fans that pre-order the Champions Edition of the game before May 16 will receive a “time-limited Miami-inspired content pack.”

EA Sports F1 22 is available to pre-order here and is available across Xbox, PlayStation and PC – and will be compatible with VR.

F1 2021 is available at Go2Games on PS4 and PS5. It is also available on Xbox One and Series X.

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