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F1 22 Coming in July

Codemasters have released a trailer and announced the release date for this year’s official Formula 1 game. The F1 game is set to be released July 1 this year and is available to pre-order now.

Codemasters was recently acquired by EA and this F1 22 game marks the first fully developed EA Sports Formula 1 game. You can watch the trailer below, although be warned it reveals nothing specific about the game and doesn’t include any gameplay.

New Regulations in Formula 1

This year marks a new era for Formula 1 as the championship has undergone the most drastic overhaul of the regulations for years. The cars have new aerodynamics with ground effect being allowed for the first time since the 1980s. The regulations have been designed to allow for closer racing between cars.

In the previous years, F1 cars struggled with overheating and being unable to overtake as they were stuck in the dirty air caused by the car in front. The new regulations aim to reduce the wake of the cars, allowing for closer racing. This includes a simplified front wing, winglets over the front tyres, underfloor tunnels and a wider rear wing. In addition, 18-inch tyres and wheel covers have been introduced. However, despite the simplified wings and removal of bargeboards, the cars are still heavier this year. This is partly due to the larger, heavier tyres but also due to the new crash structures that have been designed to improve safety.

Changes reflected in the game

The new F1 22 game will include these new regulations and new-looking cars. Lee Mather, the Senior Creative Director in F1 at Codemasters, confirmed that they have updated the “physics” to “accommodate” the new aero and tyre rules. He said it would make the game “more true to life.” However, it is hard to say what impact it will have on the actual gameplay. The game will also receive new AI adaptability, designed to make it easier for new players. Furthermore, there will be two new ‘Immersive’ and ‘Broadcast’ race-modes to make it either more challenging or cinematic.

The F1 2022 World Championship also features a new track this year, with racing in Miami in a fortnight’s time. There is set to be a new race in Las Vegas as well in 2023. This would mean three races in the USA – further signs of the growing interest in Formula 1 after the Netflix hit Drive to Survive. The F1 22 game will feature the new Miami track as well as changes made to the Australian and Abu Dhabi tracks. Fans that pre-order the Champions Edition of the game before May 16 will receive a “time-limited Miami-inspired content pack.”

EA Sports F1 22 is available to pre-order here and is available across Xbox, PlayStation and PC – and will be compatible with VR.

F1 2021 is available at Go2Games on PS4 and PS5. It is also available on Xbox One and Series X. Earlier this week, F1 2021 was made available on the Xbox Game Pass.

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