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Osa is set to join Siege…

The new Rainbow Six Siege season kicks off at the end of the month, named Operator Crystal Guard, and with it comes an all-new operator. Ubisoft yesterday revealed the new operator set to join the competitive PvP title. Her name is Osa, and she has been gifted a shield that can be used to block out windows. She also has a little robot toy in her teaser trailer, which is involved in her kit, although we do not know how this will be utilised.

As seen in the trailer below, a small gap is left at the top when blocking out the window, so if used carelessly, the opposing team could peek through it and punish you.  Similarly, the trailer highlights that the shield is bulletproof, although it is probable that it will break after sufficient damage.

Interestingly, Osa is an attacker, one would think that her ability would be best served with defender utility, but hey, that is the beauty of Rainbow. There likely is more to her skillset than we currently know. As of now, I can imagine her utility is handy in post-plant situations to block an entry point whilst getting information on the other side. Similarly, an Osa player could rappel upside down on a window after placing her shield and use the gap at the top to lay down fire through what is almost a pixel peek.

Ubisoft has a habit of introducing operators who shift the meta entirely, adding a whole new dynamic to the game. This is what keeps Rainbow Six Siege fresh and is part of the reason why the game is still so popular years down the line.

The developers have also released a little bit of background info on Osa in a letter from one Siege character to another. It says: “The device she’s bringing is sure to play on lines of fire. A clear shield with mechanical claws that digs itself into surfaces and frames? Its defensive capabilities designed for offensive missions might make Mira jealous that she didn’t think of that first.”

Mira is a defence operator who can make little windows in reinforced walls. Those can only be destroyed from Mira’s side, so it is possible Osa’s shield will be similar.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long to find out. The full reveal for Osa, and the Crystal Guard update is set for Monday the 16th of August at 3pm BST over on Twitch.

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