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Atlus released a Shin Megami Tensei V Promotional Video, With Lots of Gameplay

Atlus has really impressed its fans this time around with the promotional video they released yesterday on the 15th of June. The gameplay looks amazing and with a little bit of translation, the trailer also goes into some more detail about the story. The promotional video goes through a quick look at boss fights, attack combos, special attacks and abilities, character dialogue, and the aesthetic surroundings that have beautiful sceneries from two in-game worlds.


Translation: The latest promotional video of “Shin Megami Tensei V” has been released. You can also check the battle scenes and the appearance of moving the map around the story.


What’s new?

Well, let’s start with the boss fights first. The potential boss fights we’ve seen so far are around 5 of them. We’ve come across a large snake-like being with eight bodies, a young girl who seems to use cards, puppets, and toys in combat, then lastly from a birds-view we’ve caught a look on a tentacle-eyed being and a dark black one. Those ones are just in gameplay and my terrible description for the appearance. However, there are also a number of potential boss fights that have only been shown during a cut-scene in the promotional video (such as a naked giant trying to set a building on fire) and as we are well aware now, we can get quite a bit of damage during a cutscene, so it is important to stay sharp at ALL times.



The combat style is also quite interesting as it ranges from turn-based combat to more of an open-world, direct combat throughout the game. It’s nice that they’ve done something that will keep the style feeling different all throughout.

It also appears that as the player, you can make your character perform special attacks and potentially only do that when the meter is full after a certain amount of combos.


If you’re curious here’s a quick look at the trailer.

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