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That Game Company’s Sky: Children of Light had has started their Little Prince Season


That Game Company have released their Little Prince Season this morning and I can honestly say, they have truly outdone themselves this Season. Seriously, with what I’m seeing I have very high hopes for the next 54 days. Not only are they telling you a story along the way, but the activities are fun along with the collectable items that are available.

It’s Day 1 and I’m going to give a review each week I take part in the event, I will be updating this post as time goes by to tell you my honest thoughts about it. For those of you who don’t know, the season progresses as the days go by, meaning you can not complete the entire season in one day, you will have to take part day by day or week by week for specific cosmetics like everybody else. Now with that out of the way, I present you with the Little Prince Season.

The Premiere trailer to celebrate the season.

Earlier this morning, that game company released a trailer for the season to give the Sky kid fans an idea of what they are looking forward to. You will go on a journey with the little prince to different planets, completing multiple activities, meeting different spirits and unlocking special cosmetics to customise your character.


Week 1

Now, I purchased The Little Prince adventure pass, which means I have 30 seasonal candles and a fox pendant to celebrate the event and I am able to unlock Little Prince cosmetics in the future. That being said, I am looking forward to unlocking some of the outfits to go with my adorable fox pendant. After logging in, I was greeted with a red rose and instructed to go to the Vault of Knowledge and seek a small passageway. Which I did.

This passageway took me to a beautiful, sandy like planet in space with a rose garden and oddly enough the lightning wrath of Eden flashing in the background added to its beauty.


As I stand there with my blue cape and fox pendant, virtually sniffing the roses of the garden. I notice the blue rose in the distance, which somehow I managed to miss on my way there. I head back and seek out the first mission, I am then greeted by the Little Prince himself. Who suggests we play hide-and-seek (I found him three times in a row and found it a little unfair, I couldn’t hide from him, putting that aside…) I loved every bit of interaction. Along the way, they tell you a story, which I look forward to reading more about tomorrow.

After completing the little mission, I receive a heart (in-game currency which can be used to buy cosmetics) and I believe a fox pendant which I already had access to. Once that was done, I knew there HAD to be more. That Game Company are always hiding little secrets here and there, so I set off and snoop around the area, to my excitement, I notice a cave of clouds leading towards blue stadium lights. So I hop off and fly there and I welcomed by a narcissistic spirit, who seems to have the stadium filled with nothing but mirrors and performs for his reflection. Calling himself ‘the most intelligent being on the planet’- but the little Prince points out that he is the only one who resides on that planet. However, the spirit ignores him and instead tells him to continue applauding to which the prince mutters ‘grown-ups are crazy’.

Here’s a good view of the stadium, not the best picture but I tried my best with what I had.


So far I am enjoying it and looking forward to what will be in store for me tomorrow.

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