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Sky Children Of The Light – Updates, Patches and In-App Purchase Gifts

That Game company has certainly been working hard for their current season ‘Season of Flight’, seasonal visiting spirits and their most recent update that includes bug fixes, permanent social light locations, days of ‘double heart gifting’, in-app purchase gifting and lastly their most recent event ‘days of feast’ to celebrate Christmas.


Gifting In App Purchases

What’s nice about this is that anyone who can’t afford some of the seasonal cosmetics or seasonal candles, those can be gifted to them by another player. This is a game changer for friends that feel like they are missing out, in the past many players have complained about how expensive the cosmetics were and that it’s often unfair they need an adventure pass or money to be able to get good cosmetics. This event will last from the 22/12/21 (December 2021) to 09/01/22 (January 2021).

In order to gift a player, you must be friends with them for at least 3 days. 

“IAP gifting can be done across platforms, with an exception: Players on iOS and Android cannot gift IAP candle packs or bundles that include candles to players on a Switch (however, players on Switch can gift those items to players on iOS and Android)”

Days of Giving double Heart gifting

Days of double heart giving is a small event to celebrate thanksgiving, this event is a specific amount of days where players can gift double the amount of hearts, which is an in-game currency used to buy cosmetics. Hearts are typically gifted from players by collecting candles, or can be retrieved from spirits for fulfilling certain tasks or completing a spirit’s friendship tree. This event will last from the 23/11/21 to 29/11/21 (November 2021).


Permanent Social Light Locations

Many players have complained about candle running becoming tedious, doing the same thing everyday to be able to get their favourite cosmetics, but now they’ve added 4 new locations for players to get social light during their candle runs. This means they won’t have to stick to the same route and can switch up their routine. All locations match the same amount of light, which means players can freely choose where to go to next.

“Players can gather ‘round a fire in a new spot of Prairie Cave or in the Wasteland Graveyard. The hot spring in Valley of Triumph’s Dreams Village has been tweaked slightly, trading out candles for more emitted Light that falls gently to the water, and for players who enjoy meeting the Grandma spirit, she periodically holds a timed event at the Ancestor’s table of Belonging in the elevated clearing of Hidden Forest.” – That Game Company

Days of Feast Cosmetics

“Party with friends amidst the festive decor, and take advantage of ample space to practice your favorite skating and hockey moves. Meanwhile in Home, a familiar guide from the Season of Belonging will return as a visitor, and the space will be transformed into its wintery glory right as the forecast calls for a snowstorm.” – That Game Company

This event will last from the 22/12/21 (December 2021) to 09/01/22 (January 2021).

The cosmetics include:

In-game cosmetics
  • Ode to Joy music sheet and the Winter Feast Pillow which both cost 10 Candles
  • Winter Feast Scarf that cost 50 Candles
  • Winter Feast Hat that cost 20 Hearts
  • The a special seasonal Ball that you can buy from the spell ark: 2 for 5 Candles “(or, 5 for 2 Candles in the Secret Level)
In-app purchases from the Days of Feast include:
  • Snowflake Hair Accessory: £1.99
  • Winter Ancestor Cape: £9.99
  • Winter Feast Snow Globe: £9.99

There’s many more to include, you can find out here.

All of these new features are available on both mobile and the Nintendo Switch. 




What is Sky: Children of Light?

Sky: Children of Light comes under the ‘wholesome’ games category and was originally released in 2019 for IOS, then 2020 for Android. It’s an open-world exploration game, where a player can go through seven different realms while befriending other players to help them along the way.

The player follows the story of ‘The Children of Light’ who witness their world falling apart in seven different realms after the stars fell from the sky. As a part of this group, it is the player’s quest to find all the stars ‘winged light’ and bring all the children back to life.  This is achieved by exploring the areas, sharing love and light around the kingdoms to awake the ancestors that perished and find out the hidden truth so the stars can be restored. While the storyline is minimal, the concept of becoming friends with different players, chatting and heading out on a great journey, ties it all together.

There are also multiple items to collect such as masks, capes, hairstyles, outfits and musical instruments that allow the player freedom of expression through their character. These items can be obtained by purchasing with real money or with in-game currency.

Sky: Children of Light also have seasonal events, which each have their own unique currency. The currency is called ‘Seasonal Candles’ each seasonal event has a new area to explore in the game, however, each season goes on for a limited amount of time.


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