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Spelunky & Spelunky 2  Released On The Nintendo Switch 26th of August

Mossmouth games have finally released Spelunky and Spelunky 2 on the Nintendo Switch. We’ve been waiting

patiently ever since this was first announced during Nintendo’s Indie World Direct Online Showcase in 2020. It’s

been over 8 months since then and fans were waiting patiently for the day they will get to play Spelunky with

joy-cons or in handheld mode or on their Nintendo Switch Lite.


What is Spelunky 1 & 2 exactly?

Spelunky & Spelunky 2 is a dungeon rogue-like, 2D platformer game developed by Mossmouth. Spelunky was

released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows as a free game that already came with the software, the game became

popular and gained a memorable place in the hearts of the gaming community. The game was re-released on

PSN, PC, Xbox 360 PS4, Xbox 360, then lastly the upcoming release on Switch.


In Spelunky & Spelunky 2, the player is an adventurer called ‘The Spelunker’. The player must explore tunnels by

mining through and gather precious artefacts or treasure while avoiding enemies and their traps, enemies will

include spiders, bats, snakes, yetis, ghosts and carnivorous plants.


Mossmouth has also mentioned that Spelunky will only support local multiplayer but Spelunky 2 will have both

local and online multiplayer modes, which will be fun for family and friends. This revolutionary game will not be

forgotten and hopefully, the young ones from this generation can have fun with it as much as us adults as a

kid. So far Spelunky & Spelunky 2 has only been released for Europe, North America & Australia; however, they

do plan to release in other regions soon, but they have yet to announce a date.

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