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Square Enix Accidentally released NEO: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You isn’t supposed to be released until the 27th of July, however, Square Enix accidentally sold some digital copies from the Switch Eshop 10 days earlier. Some players received a digital activation code for the digital versions up on the Switch Eshop after pre-ordering the physical copy from the Square Enix store.

Of course, fans who pre-ordered from their website to advantage of this opportunity to get the sequel earlier than those who didn’t pre-order and either create some content about the game or aim to finish it before the release date, despite the fact it’s been said by Square Enix that the game could take over 100 hours to complete. Not long after, Square Enix ‘ran out of codes’ for this opportunity.


However, the mistake that was made here by Square Enix was the code they gave was the wrong one. It was intended for the codes that were sent out to give players the chance to pre-order NEO:

Since their mistake, this has changed entirely, Square Enix decided to lock all the players who received an early copy out of the game, so they can no longer play through the entire game before the release date, on top of that pre-ordering the game early will also not allow fans to get a code for the Nintendo Eshop version.

Here’s another look at NEO: The World Ends With You Trailer.


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