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The Life Is Strange: True Colors Lo-fi Playlist Might Be one of The Most Wholesome Marketing Strategies Ever

Square Enix released Life is Strange: True Colors just before the last weekend on the 10th September 2021. Even though the ‘Life is Strange’ series already have a large fanbase, that doesn’t mean they can’t try to broaden their audience while also giving something nice back to their fans. Square Enix collaborated with different Lo-fi music artists and put a playlist together. If this isn’t the most wholesome marketing strategy ever seen, I don’t know what is. Before we get into it though…


What is Life Is Strange: True Colors Anyway?

Life is Strange: True Colors is a narrative, ‘supernatural’ adventure video game developed by Square Enix and takes place before the ENDING of Life Is Strange 2, but after the events of all the Life Is Strange games. The story follows Alex Chen who has a strange empathic power, where she can feel and absorb other people’s emotions. However, she goes on with most of her life hiding it. After her brother dies, she feels as though it was not just an ‘accident’ and ventures off, using her power to uncover the truth. Life Is Strange: True Colors has been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

There will also be an additional ‘Steph’s DLC’ called Wavelengths available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC on the 30th September 2021.


Life Is Strange: True Colors Lo-Fi Playlist


They knew what they were doing when it came down to sharing the Lo-Fi Playlist in the description box, while that may seem like common sense, you’d be surprised at how many channels don’t do this at all, or even show the track on screen for a couple seconds and it is quite annoying. I sometimes find myself using Shazam to figure it out only for the app to tell me “No Result. Sorry, we didn’t quite catch that. TRY AGAIN.” Listing the tracks in the description may be simple and something small, but it’s a gesture I greatly appreciate.

Here’s the list of songs from the LofiMusic featured:

  1. Novo Amor – “Haven (from Life is Strange)” (Lo-fi Mix)
  2. Driftwood Drive – “Follow the Low Tide” (Lo-fi Mix)
  3. mxmtoon – “In the Darkness” (Lo-fi Mix)
  4. Angus & Julia Stone – “Let Me Know” (Lo-fi Mix)
  5. Angus & Julia Stone – “Heavy Gets Light (Lo-fi Mix) Mixes by FFM.


I am listening to the playlist as a type, not only is it relaxing, but considering the theme around empaths, it’s interesting to sit and listen to the music while trying to feel your way through each soundtrack. The video has gained over 23 thousand views and without a doubt has attracted many newcomers and fans to Life Is Strange as well.


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