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A number of Reddit users gave Nintendo Switch bundles to a children’s hospital in attempts to give back to the gaming community.


Switches being donated to a childrens hospital from reddit users from MadeMeSmile


Multiple gamers and fans want to now raise money for different charities of different causes. Even some of these plans aim to range from proceeds going towards game museum preservation. A Reddit user in the UK, who goes by the name of  yusuo85 wanted to give back to a children’s hospital in Bristol and present patients with the joy of gaming.

On the fundraiser page, he mentioned that he experienced most of his time in hospitals throughout his early life and that gaming had been a comfort to him in that time.  He also explained that he wanted to give the children a positive escape from the world they live in, the negativity that can circulate around in a hospital environment, all the stress and worry. This started the crowdfunding project to donate Nintendo Switch bundles to the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

The original fundraising post, yusuo85 had set up, had a goal of £500 and only two Nintendo switches with a few games in mind. The Nintendo switch still had an insane shortage at the time so the original goal seemed quite difficult, but after a month the goal was surpassed by generous Reddit users. The crowdfunding project raised £1535 in total. Which allowed him to purchase 6 Switch Lites and 24 Switch games, four per console. He was also able to buy accessories as well, including screen protectors and carrying cases. Of course, he was grateful and thanked the Reddit users who were kind enough help, all the switch and games were packed and delivered to the children’s hospital in Bristol.

With Reddit user, yusuo85’s goal that has been reached, not only have many congratulated him, but he has also inspired many others to want to make a change within the gaming industry.

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